What is CRM in Zoho Books

CRM in Zoho Books is like a magic toolbox for businesses. Imagine it as your super assistant. It’s called Zoho CRM, and it’s like the world’s best helper. This fancy tool lives in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere. It does three cool things: First, it helps you sell stuff to people. Second, it makes your marketing super smart. And third, when people have questions or problems, it’s there to save the day. So, if you want to keep your customers happy, organized, and your business running smoothly, Zoho CRM is your secret weapon. Zoho Books acts as the guardian angel for your business, ensuring smooth operations and financial well-being.

Why we must use Zoho Books

Zoho Books is like a superhero for your money. It’s your go-to place to handle all things money-related. Imagine it as your trusty sidekick, keeping your finances in check. With Zoho Books, you can juggle bills and invoices, make sure your bank numbers add up, and even track your spending. Zoho Books serves as your business’s math whiz, ensuring all your financial numbers add up perfectly. Plus, it helps you keep an eye on projects and takes away the stress of GST compliance. So, if you want your finances to be a breeze, Zoho Books is your financial best friend, ready to save the day and keep your business on the right track.

Key feature of Zoho Books


Zoho Books is like a magic wand for your money. It’s all about making invoices – those fancy money requests – super easy. With Zoho Books, you can create invoices that look just how you want them. The best part? You can get paid quicker because it has nifty online payment options. It’s like turning your invoices into money magnets. So, if you’re tired of waiting for payments, Zoho Books is your spell for getting cash in your pocket faster. Zoho Books is your financial wizard, turning your business numbers into pure magic for success!


Zoho Books is your partner in looking professional and getting paid. It’s all about making quotes – like price offers – that impress your customers. With Zoho Books, you can craft these snazzy quotes that make you look like a pro. The coolest part? When it’s time to turn those quotes into real money, it’s just a simple click away. Imagine it as a quote-to-invoice magician. So, if you want to make deals that shine and get paid for your hard work, Zoho Books is your secret weapon. It’s like having a sales superstar on your team, turning quotes into cash effortlessly.

Customer Portal from Zoho Books

Zoho Books is all about making your customers feel like VIPs. It’s like giving them a special key to their own secret treasure chest. With the Customer Portal feature, your customers can peek into their financial world in one convenient spot. They can check out their transactions, like invoices and payments, without any hassle. It’s like a personal financial playground just for them. So, if you want to keep your customers happy and make their lives easier, Zoho Books is your golden ticket. It’s like a red carpet treatment for your clients, making their experience with your business extra special.


Think of Zoho Books as your financial detective. It’s on a mission to help you track every penny you spend. With its Expenses feature, you become a money-sleuth, uploading receipts and keeping them all in one place. No more crumpled paper receipts in your pockets! Zoho Books is like your trusty notebook, documenting every expense and helping you see where your money takes off to. So, if you’re all about staying organized and not losing track of your cash, Zoho Books is your financial sidekick. It turns those pesky receipts into a neat and tidy money map, making your financial life a lot less mysterious.


Imagine Zoho Books as your friendly reminder for paying your bills. It’s like your personal bill buddy, helping you keep track of the money you owe to your vendors. With the Bills feature, you can create those important bills that show who you need to pay. It’s like making a to-do list for your finances. So, if you want to stay organized, avoid any payment surprises, and keep your vendors happy, Zoho Books is your trusty companion. It’s like having a virtual bill collector in your corner, making sure you never miss a payment and keeping your financial life stress-free.


Zoho Books is your financial magician, waving its wand to make banking a breeze. It’s like having a loyal assistant for your money matters. With the Banking feature, it can reach out to your bank and grab all those tricky transactions. It’s like a magical net that catches your money movements. Then, it sorts them neatly into categories, making sense of your spending. And the best part? It helps you balance your accounts, so your financial world stays in harmony. So, if you want your banking to be as easy as a magic trick, Zoho Books is your go-to spell for smooth financial management.


Zoho Books is your time-tracker and money-maker all in one. It’s like having a magical clock that turns every minute into cash. With the Projects feature, you can be a pro at keeping tabs on your time. Just like a wizard with a wand, you use timesheets to track every billable moment, so you know exactly where your time goes. Then, like turning lead into gold, Zoho Books helps you transform that time into money. So, if you want to make sure every minute counts and see your hard work turn into dollars, Zoho Books is your time-traveling, money-earning companion, making your business more efficient and profitable.


Zoho Books is like your trusty inventory buddy! It helps you keep track of the stuff you sell. Imagine you run a store, and you want to know which items are super popular, so you never run out of them. Zoho Books does that for you. It’s like a watchful eye on your stock, making sure you always have enough of the hot-selling stuff on hand. So, you never have to say, “Sorry, we’re out of stock.” Zoho Books becomes your trusty partner, helping you keep your inventory in check and ensuring your products are always ready to fly off the shelves.

Sales Orders:

Think of this feature like managing your lemonade stand. Before you hand out lemonade to your thirsty customers, you’d want to make sure they’ve ordered it, right? Well, Zoho Books is like the manager of your lemonade stand. It helps you keep things organized by making sure your customers place orders before you serve them lemonade. It’s like putting a checkmark next to each order to say, “Yes, you wanted lemonade, and we’ve got you covered!” So, you can be sure that you never mix up orders and your customers always get the lemonade they asked for. It’s like having a helpful friend at your stand, ensuring everything runs smoothly!

Purchase Orders

Think of Zoho Books like a magic messenger between you and your suppliers. When you run a store and need more stuff to sell, you send a message to your suppliers asking for what you need. Zoho Books helps you do this smoothly. It’s like having a crystal-clear conversation with your suppliers. You tell them exactly what you want, and they understand it perfectly. No confusion, no mix-ups. It’s like having a friendly translator that makes sure your requests are spot on. So, you and your suppliers can work together seamlessly, like a well-choreographed dance, making sure your store is always well-stocked!

Tax from Zoho books

Picture Zoho Books as your trusty tax accountant, always keeping an eye on your money. It’s like having a friend who’s a tax expert, making sure you’re prepared for tax season. Zoho helps you keep tabs on the money you owe to the taxman. It’s like having a calculator in your pocket that adds up all the right numbers, so you don’t have to stress about it. With this handy tool, you can focus on running your business while Zoho Books takes care of the tax stuff. It’s like having your financial superhero, ensuring you’re ready for tax time, worry-free!

Online Payments

Imagine your business is like a lemonade stand, and your customers want to pay you with their magic lemonade coins. Zoho Books is like the magician who helps you turn those magic coins into real money with just a wave of the wand. It makes receiving payments easy-peasy! Your customers can quickly and safely pay you with the click of a button, just like a magic trick. It’s like having a pocket-sized wizard that ensures you get your money without any fuss. So, you can focus on making more lemonade and let Zoho handle the magic of turning it into real cash.


Think of Zoho as your business’s storyteller. It’s like having a wise old owl that gathers all the important information about your lemonade stand and turns it into a fascinating tale. You can ask for reports, like how much lemonade you sold this month. It’s like opening a treasure chest full of numbers and facts, helping you make better lemonade decisions. This owl doesn’t just tell you stories; it tells you the stories of your business in real-time, so you always know what’s happening. It’s like having a crystal ball to peek into your lemonade stand’s future and make it even more magical!


Think of Zoho as your business’s magical helper. It’s like having a little fairy that takes care of the boring stuff, so you can be the superhero of your business. With this app, you can teach this fairy to do tasks like sending invoices and organizing your finances, all by itself. So, while it’s busy with those tasks, you get to zoom ahead and make your business even bigger and better. It’s like having a clone to do the paperwork, while you save the day. Lets you be the star of your business story, while it works behind the scenes, making your life simpler and your business dreams bigger!


Imagine this app Books as your business’s superhero archivist, the guardian of all your important papers. It’s like having a wise librarian that neatly organizes all your documents in one special vault. Zoho Books helps you keep everything in order, from receipts to contracts, and even attaches them to the right transactions, like gluing a label to a book. So, when you need to find something, it’s right there at your fingertips. It’s like having a magical library where you can summon any document you need, saving you time and keeping your business paperwork perfectly sorted and super accessible.

Vendor Portal

Think of Zoho Books as the friendly mediator between you and your suppliers. It’s like giving your suppliers a special backstage pass to your business. Zoho Books creates a vendor portal, sort of like a secret handshake club, where your suppliers can keep track of their transactions with your business. They can see what’s happening, from orders to payments, without bothering you. It’s like inviting them to a party where they can check their own invitations. This makes everyone’s life easier, as your suppliers can manage their stuff, and you can focus on your business without constant calls and emails. It’s like a win-win business partnership, made simple!

Zoho Books Mobile

Imagine having your trusty accounting assistant right in your pocket or purse. With this app, it’s like carrying your financial wizard with you wherever you go. Whether you have an iPhone, Android phone, or even a Windows device, there’s a magical app for you. It’s like having a miniature accountant ready to help, so you can keep track of your business, send invoices, or check your finances while sipping your morning coffee or waiting for a bus. Zoho Books on your mobile device makes business management as easy as a swipe and tap, so you’re always in control, even on the move!

Summary of Zoho Books

This app is like the Swiss Army knife of small business tools, with a wide array of features to make your life easier. It helps you manage your inventory, ensuring you never run out of popular items. It’s like a sales superhero, confirming orders before you hand out your products. When it comes to dealing with suppliers, it acts like a clear communicator, ensuring everyone understands your needs. Zoho Books even has a knack for tax, making sure you’re always ready for tax season. It’s your online payment buddy, making transactions swift and secure. With Zoho Books, you have a business storyteller, real-time data cruncher, an automation fairy, and a magical archivist, all available on your mobile device. It simplifies your business journey, making it a smooth ride with less stress and more success!