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What is cloud computing in simple terms. Cloud computing is a concept that is changing the procedures of businesses today. Rather that installing separate software applications on each individual computer in an office and having to manage updates and maintenance on a regular basis; cloud computing runs software applications over the Internet. It delivers Web-based services that are hosted by major companies and are paid for on-demand. Every department of your company will reap the benefits of cloud computing.

One advantage to cloud computing is that it allows for more efficient use of resources than with self-hosting services. Maintenance-related expenses are fully managed by providers. In essence, hardware and software demands decrease for users because these factors are entirely controlled by the network. Running applications through servers, rather than locally, cuts down on the number of application versions required for each application. Therefore, allowing for effective collaboration and data sharing through application integration. For many companies, cloud computing presents solutions to software frustrations and offers options for cost cutting.

A public cloud consists of service providers that make resources such as applications, as well as storage, available to individuals using the Internet. You may have even used cloud computing without knowing it. Examples of public cloud computing are applications such as Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, and Google Docs. Resources are provided as on-demand services, or are even free. For many, this type of cloud computing is a cost-effective solution given that hardware and application solutions are provided entirely by the service provider.

A private cloud is a data center that hosts services to a limited number of people. This is particularly appealing to businesses and organization that prefer added control over their own data. The major difference between a private and a public cloud is that private clouds are maintained through customer-supplied hardware and are controlled within the specific business. Private clouds are maintained inside a firewall and kept by the organization.

So why is cloud computing an ideal technological option in our world today?

Cloud computing enables users to access applications over the Web more quickly than traditional hardware and software options. Since software does not have to exist on a user’s computer and is centralized on a network, there is generally less expense involved. Users can simply pay for the services they desire without concerning themselves with the maintenance, tying up IT professionals and budgets. Accessing services is seemingly effortless, and all that is required is Internet access and the ability to run a Web browser. Among other advantages to cloud computing, security is another. Data is maintained on highly secured servers, and loss of data is less likely. Businesses and organizations need not worry about the loss of data, as nothing is stored on a PC. Rather, information is backed up on the cloud computing server.

Cloud computing is becoming a more common business solution, being used as a means by which to cut costs, access data quickly, and provide more power to consumers and employees. On a small scale, Web e-mail systems are everyday examples of this type of cloud computing. Complications with these types of Web e-mail services are minimal, and users enjoy peace of mind when storing messages and other data. On a bigger scale, cloud computing services provide companies with options to establish customer relationship management strategies, sales force automation, and a host of other options.

There are endless capabilities possible with the use of cloud computing. It is up to you to assess your needs and determine how cloud computing can best assist your business.

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