Tips on How to Get More Construction Jobs

Six Tips on How to Get More Construction Jobs

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Tips on How to Get More Construction Jobs. This is a question that our friends/partners/beta testers asked us all the time:  how can I get more construction work?  There are lots of ways of course – word of mouth being the most common – but you’ll excuse us for being biased.  We like the scalability and massive reach of the Internet.

The bottom line is that people use the Internet more than anything else to find services.  They find them through search (like when someone types in “kitchen remodel contractor” into Google), and Google finds their search results from finding web pages.  Remember – just having a website doesn’t guarantee that people can find you – quite the contrary.  You need to be TRYING to show up for searches that apply to you.  So here are some tips:

Don’t think that you build a website and the traffic just rolls in.

Make sure your site can be seen by Google.  This is a programmer thing, but one way to test it is to just type “” into Google.  You should see results for every single page on your site.  If you don’t, something is wrong.  Get ahold of the developer who created your site, or give us a shout – we’ll find you someone.

Make sure you have content on your site that speaks to the things you want to be found for.  So for example, if you specialize in kitchen remodels in Thousand Oaks, you need a page with content that speaks to that.  It tells Google (and the other engines like Bing and Yahoo) that you know what you are talking about.  Need help creating content.  Yeah – we have friends who do that too.  Hit us up on email.

Links, links and more links.  People who link to your website are basically telling the search engines that they like your site.  That they are, in effect, “voting” for your site.  The more links you have, the higher you will rank for your search terms, and that means traffic.  FREE traffic!  So get your friends, relatives, neighbors, and most importantly – other contractors – to link to you.

Analyze.  You need to know what is really happening, and that means measuring results.  Google Analytics is a free tool that you can install on your site to tell you where users come from, what they typed to get to you, etc.  Very important.  Need help with that?  Yeah, yeah.  Hit one of those links above and we’ll help you out.

Stay on top of it.  Don’t think that you build a website and the traffic just rolls in.  It doesn’t work that way.  You need to keep creating new content (maybe even add a blog), get links, and keep refining.  It will pay off in the long run – big time.

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Find a partner who can help.  You knew this was coming, right?  Pi Software’s SiteBoss construction management software just adds to the mix.  When you sign up with us, we create content on OUR site which links directly to you, and when people find US, they find you.  And we do this stuff all day.  No additional cost.  We figure if you keep getting jobs, you’ll keeping needing our software.  And that’s cool by us.

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