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in this article, I’ll provide you with a detailed guide on how to use QuickBooks Online in 2023 or give quickbooks tutorial 2023 . QuickBooks Online, developed by Intuit, is a renowned cloud accounting software tailored specifically for small businesses.

What is QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online is a popular cloud-based accounting software developed by Intuit, an American company. It is specifically designed to help simplify small business financial management.. This software serves as a central hub where you can efficiently record, organize, and store all your business transactions.

Choosing the Right Version

QuickBooks Online offers several versions, and selecting the right one for your business is essential. You’ll typically find three or four options, depending on your location:

Simple Start:

This is the most basic version and is ideal for small businesses that offer services or digital products. It includes one user.


Suitable for businesses that need more users (up to three) and additional features like time tracking and bill management.


If your business involves physical products, Plus is necessary for managing inventory effectively.


Geared towards medium-sized businesses, it accommodates up to 25 users and offers advanced features like batch invoicing, automated workflows, and comprehensive analytics.

QuickBooks Online operates entirely in your web browser, making it compatible with both Mac and PC platforms. Plus, it allows for flexible upgrades and downgrades, providing you with peace of mind.

Exploring QuickBooks Online

Let’s take a closer look at the QuickBooks Online interface and how it functions:


Upon logging in, you’ll see your company name and logo. The dashboard provides an overview of your business, summarizing invoices, expenses, profit and loss, sales, and bank balances. You can also use the privacy button to hide sensitive data.


The Navbar on the left side is where you’ll access most of your daily tasks, such as running reports. You can hide or show the Navbar using the three-line icon.

Quick Access:

The top-right corner offers quick access to experts, help, search, notifications, settings, and your Intuit account.

Using QuickBooks Online

Now, let’s delve into how QuickBooks Online works and some essential functionalities:

My Experts:

Invite your accountant, search for one, or use QuickBooks assistant bot for help.


Quickly locate and make changes to recent transactions.


Configure your company settings, including account information, tax details, and industry specifics.

Manage Users:

Add people to your QuickBooks account with various levels of access.

Chart of Accounts:

Customize your business accounts, but consider consulting an accountant if you’re new to bookkeeping.

QuickBooks Labs:

Access plugins like QuickBooks Themes and enable features like Dark Mode.


Manage products, services, and recurring transactions.


Perform tasks like ordering business checks, importing data, and reconciling accounts.


Connect your bank account and credit cards to automate transaction tracking.


Handle income and invoices, monitor payments, and manage customer lists.


Track bills and expenses, manage vendors, and monitor overdue bills.


If applicable, manage employee and contractor details.


Track and manage timesheets (Essentials, Plus, or Advanced).


Produce financial reports such as profit and loss reports, balance sheets, and also for preparing cash flow reports for certain periods.


Manage sales tax and mileage tracking.


Access your chart of accounts and reconcile transactions.

My Accountant:

Collaborate with your accountant and grant them access to your books.

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QuickBooks Online in 2023 is a powerful tool for simplifying your business’s financial management. Whether you’re a small business owner, freelancer, or medium-sized enterprise, QuickBooks Online offers versatility and efficiency. By understanding its features and functions, you can streamline your accounting processes, save time, and make informed financial decisions.