Introducing QNE Accounting Software

Introducing QNE Accounting Software, a vital resource for companies navigating today’s challenging times. This user-friendly online solution empowers businesses to seamlessly conduct daily transactions from the convenience of their homes.

Tailored for local businesses in Southeast Asia and a wide range of industries, QNE Software simplifies the management of billing, sales, purchases, and much more. With customizable packages to suit various user requirements, it’s your key to efficient and stress-free business management. Stay in control and keep your business on the right track with QNE Accounting Software!


Discover the remarkable features of QNE business solutions, finely crafted for companies operating in networked environments, whether it’s a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN). These solutions are tailored with a keen focus on catering to the unique needs of the Myanmar market.

One standout feature is QNE’s cutting-edge search engine, ensuring that users can swiftly retrieve the data they need. Plus, our report writer stands as the pinnacle of customization, enabling you to effortlessly generate an array of tailored reports to suit your exact requirements. With QNE, your business has the tools to reach its full potential.


Experience the power of real-time processing with QNE. Our integrated modules ensure that any update you make within the system instantly ripples across all related areas, ensuring your data is always up-to-date and your operations run smoothly.


QNE’s lightning-fast performance is achieved through its client-server architecture, which efficiently sends SQL queries to the server. This means that even heavy data processing over the network becomes significantly swifter, making your tasks smoother and more efficient.


QNE excels in managing data size with its SQL client/server database, allowing for significantly larger data limits in comparison to file-based systems. This robust capability ensures your business can scale and handle vast amounts of information effortlessly.


QNE goes the extra mile for your data security. We install uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in dedicated servers, ensuring your data is safeguarded. In the event of computer, network, or server failures during updates, you can rest assured that your information is recoverable and protected.


QNE simplifies data security with scheduled backups. Users can conveniently set automated backups at specified times, eliminating the need for online users to exit the system. This ensures your information stays safe and accessible without interruptions.




Discover the ultimate accounting solution for Myanmar’s local businesses with QNE Business (QNE Accounting). Our software is designed to make accounting easy and accessible, tailored to your needs. With QNE Accounting, you’re getting cutting-edge technology that offers real-time insights, powered by SQL Client/Server databases. You can even take advantage of Myanmar’s top Cloud accounting solutions.

But that’s not all – we equip you with valuable analytic tools. Keep tabs on your cash flow, predict your future, estimate profits, identify stock break-even points, and pinpoint stagnant inventory. QNE Accounting is your growth partner. Make your business thrive effortlessly with our user-friendly system.


Discover the perfect inventory solution tailored for small businesses and SMEs with QNE Inventory. Say goodbye to inventory woes and embrace the simplicity of our user-friendly interface. With QNE Inventory, you gain effortless control over your inventory.

Create invoices, manage stock balances, categorize your goods, keep tabs on your sales records, and empower your staff with easy permission management. We’ve even got you covered with convenient backup and stock restoration options. QNE Inventory is your key to smooth and efficient inventory management.

No more hassles; just streamlined control at your fingertips. You’ll love how easy it is to manage your inventory with QNE Inventory, making it the ideal choice for small businesses and SMEs. Experience the convenience and efficiency you’ve been searching for.


Unlock the power of efficiency for your company with QNE Payroll. Your choice of a payroll system can make all the difference, and we’re here to simplify and streamline the process for you.

Our interface is not just user-friendly; it’s intelligent, designed to save your team time and energy. QNE Payroll is more than just software; it’s a solution developed with Myanmar’s unique payroll environment in mind.

Imagine having access to over 75 management and statutory reports, addressing all your management, payroll, accounting, and statutory requirements in one place. QNE Payroll is more than a value-for-money product; it’s your partner in efficient payroll processing, offering real-time functionality to make your life easier. Experience the difference with QNE Payroll today and see your company’s efficiency soar.


Imagine a payroll software that’s not only powerful but also incredibly user-friendly. That’s precisely what QNE Cloud Payroll Software offers. Developed by QNE Software Malaysia, it stands out as one of Myanmar’s finest cloud-based payroll solutions, designed with a smart and intuitive interface.

QNE Payroll is a cloud-based system with a multi-document interface (MDI), customized specifically for the Myanmar payroll environment. It operates in real-time and comes loaded with features. You’ll find over 75 management and statutory reports to handle every aspect of payroll, from processing to generating payslips and meeting statutory requirements.

If you’re on the hunt for an efficient and feature-rich payroll software that doesn’t break the bank, look no further. QNE Cloud Payroll Software is the solution you don’t want to overlook.

Online B2B Transformation Portal

Discover the Power of Online Transformation with QNE Digital Portal

QNE Digital Portal is your key to taking your business from the offline world to the vibrant online marketplace. This versatile platform is a perfect fit for businesses of all types, offering a treasure trove of powerful features that are bound to supercharge your online growth.

Using the QNE Digital Portal is a breeze. It’s a user-friendly Business to Business (B2B) platform that simplifies order management and reporting, requiring just a few clicks. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to a simple, efficient, and user-friendly way of conducting your business online.

Elevate Your Online Presence with B2B Ecommerce

Boost your digital footprint and attract potential clients and resellers through search engines. The B2B Ecommerce platform streamlines day-to-day operations, enhancing your business performance with efficiency.

Empower Your Inventory Management

Effortlessly oversee your stock availability using our eCommerce monitoring software. Keep tabs on online out-of-stocks and proactively address future availability challenges with ease.

Empower Your Financial Control

Take charge of your customer’s credit limits effortlessly online. Safeguard against bad debts and uncollected receivables by setting credit limits, payment terms, and diverse payment methods like PayPal, Cash On Delivery, and Online Transfers. Streamline your customer relationships and identify those you can confidently continue trading with.

Tailored Pricing at Your Fingertips

With QNE Digital Portal, you’re in charge of pricing. Easily customize rates for different customers and resellers. Define unique pricing for individual items or customer groups. Your customers can access their specific pricing through the Online Customer Portal, putting you in control.

Seamless Integration for Effortless Accounting

QNE Digital Portal effortlessly harmonizes with your current Accounting System, automatically syncing Sales and Inventory data. No more redundant efforts. A time-tested integration with QNE Optimum Accounting System ensures a smooth experience. Your data integrates seamlessly, posting in real-time to the appropriate accounts.