In the vast landscape of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Nutshell emerges as a powerful contender, claiming to be the solution that can “help small businesses close more deals.” If you’re on the hunt for a CRM tool, Nutshell deserves your attention. However, if you’re just embarking on your CRM quest, allow us to guide you.

Nutshell proudly positions itself as a comprehensive sales and marketing platform that turns your leads into successes..’ It achieves this through a suite of sales automation features designed to streamline the entire sales process. Custom triggers and events guide users from the inception to the culmination of their sales cycle. Nutshell goes the extra mile by assisting users in managing their pipelines, offering invaluable insights into future projects via robust reporting tools. Furthermore, Nutshell plays well with others, seamlessly integrating with popular tools such as Office 365, Quickbooks, Gmail, Mailchimp, Slack, and more.

When it comes to pricing, adopts a user-friendly approach. You can opt for monthly or annual billing, and there are two plans to choose from: Starter and Pro. Starter encompasses the fundamental CRM functions, while Pro elevates the experience with advanced features like sales automation and unrestricted access to capabilities such as pipelines and in-app phone dialing and recording. While there isn’t a free version of Nutshell, they offer a free trial to allow you to explore its potential.

The key features

Nutshell caters to users across modern browsers and mobile platforms, supporting both Android and iOS. Now, let’s dive into the key features that make Nutshell stand out in the world of CRM:

Sales Automation:

Nutshell empowers users to craft and refine their sales processes with ease. Customizable sales stages and triggers facilitate the progression of projects throughout the sales lifecycle. Automation extends to other features like personalized email sequences and marketing, enabling timely check-ins with customers based on predefined conditions.

Pipeline Management:

Nutshell simplifies pipeline management with a variety of views. Whether you prefer the drag-and-drop functionality of the board view, the spreadsheet-style interface of the list view, or data visualization through the chart view, Nutshell caters to your preferences. Additionally, the map view offers insights into the geographical distribution of leads, companies, and contacts, exportable to third-party software.

Team Collaboration:

Communication is at the core of any successful CRM strategy. Nutshell recognizes this and provides team collaboration tools to ensure seamless communication within your organization. Features like tagging teammates for input and mobile functionality enhance collaboration, ensuring critical interactions never slip through the cracks.

the pros and cons of Nutshell:

Now, let’s weigh the pros and cons of Nutshell:


Highly Customizable: Users praise Nutshell’s exceptional customization options, allowing them to tailor the software to their unique needs.

Ease of Setup: Nutshell’s straightforward setup process garners appreciation from many users.


Data Upload Challenges: Some users have encountered challenges during data uploads, emphasizing the need for more comprehensive training in this area.

When contemplating a software investment, it’s prudent to explore multiple options. In addition to Nutshell, consider exploring alternatives such as Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Nimble, or Zendesk Sell to make an informed decision.

7 Unique Nutshell Pro Features for Unprecedented Growth

I’m excited to introduce you to the extraordinary features that make Nutshell Pro our most sought-after plan. Discover how Nutshell’s advanced sales tools can turbocharge your business growth. Here are seven compelling reasons to consider upgrading to Nutshell Pro:

Streamlined Sales Automation:

Nutshell’s sales automation tools are designed to optimize your sales process by eliminating time-consuming data entry tasks. This allows your sales team to focus more on nurturing and also completing potential valued customers. You can easily design and automate your sales workflow, assign leads to the most suitable sales reps, and set up automated goals to drive leads through the pipeline seamlessly. Nutshell Pro also offers guidance at each stage, making onboarding new team members a breeze.

Multi-Pipeline Management:

One-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to your business? Nutshell Pro enables you to create multiple sales pipelines to cater to various lead types, from inbound and outbound prospecting to renewals, upselling, and project management. With Nutshell Pro, you can ensure that each lead finds its way to the right pipeline based on your knowledge of them.

Territory Management:

Establishing territories is a pro-level feature that can significantly enhance your sales process. Nutshell Pro allows you to define specific geographic regions for your company and automatically assign leads based on these territories. For instance, you can create a territory like “Detroit Metro” that covers addresses within 50 miles of Detroit, Michigan. This feature ensures leads are routed correctly from the moment they enter Nutshell.

Personalized Email Sequences:

Sending templated emails is helpful, but Nutshell Pro takes it up a notch by letting you create personalized email sequences. You can automatically send follow-up messages to contacts without manual intervention. When a recipient replies, Nutshell stops the remaining emails, preventing you from appearing as a spammer. This feature not only saves time but also boosts engagement and sales.

Robust Reporting Suite:

Nutshell Pro comes equipped with a comprehensive reporting suite, including funnel reports, activity reports, and forecast reports. These reports empower you to identify bottlenecks in your sales process, measure the effectiveness of sales activities, and estimate future sales with confidence.

Hot Lead Prioritization:

Nutshell Pro allows you to mark leads as “hot,” ensuring your most valuable opportunities always take center stage. This feature is customizable, so you decide what makes a lead “hot.” Whether you’re viewing your lead board or planning your daily tasks, hot leads will be at the forefront of your attention.

Click-to-Call Functionality:

For outbound sales teams, the click-to-call feature is a game-changer. It enables you to make calls directly from within Nutshell. You can record calls for future review and take notes during conversations, which Nutshell automatically logs with the call. This feature not only enhances efficiency but also serves as a valuable training tool for managers.

Ready to elevate your sales growth to new heights? Explore all the benefits of Nutshell Pro during your free trial. If you’re already and want to experience Nutshell Pro, contact the  support team.

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Streamlining Business Management with Nutshell CRM: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you tired of juggling countless business contacts and organizations without an efficient system in place? Look no further, because Nutshell CRM is here to help you manage your business relationships seamlessly. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of creating new contacts and organizations within Nutshell and demonstrate how to utilize these pages to store information and streamline your communication.

Creating a New Contact in Nutshell

To begin your journey with Nutshell, start by clicking on the large plus sign. Let’s assume you’ve recently met with a potential client, Dwight Schrute. You want to add Dwight to your Nutshell database. Fill in any available information you have, such as Dwight’s name, email, and contact details. If you also know the company Dwight works for, you can create a company page simultaneously by adding the company’s name. Afterward, click “Save,” and will take you to Dwight’s new contact page.

On the contact page, you’ll find a map pinpointing Dwight’s address, his name, and space for a description. In the center, you’ll see details such as associated companies, job title, upcoming activities, and a historical timeline of interactions. On the right-hand side, you can find information on assignees, territory, and contact details. If you have Nutshell Intelligence enabled, additional details and profile pictures may be automatically populated from publicly available sources.

Towards the bottom, there’s a section for file uploads and custom fields relevant to this contact. If you ever need to associate a new company with Dwight, you can do so by clicking “Add a Company.”

Creating a New Company in Nutshell

Now, let’s explore how to create a new company in This app. Imagine you want to add a newly established catering business called “Charcutes.” Click on the plus sign again and select “Company.” Fill in the available information, just as you did when adding a new contact. Since you’re already acquainted with the point of contact at Charcutes, you can add them as well. After saving, you’ll have a new company page for Charcutes.

The company page resembles the contact page with a map, company name, and description at the top. In the center, you’ll see associated people, upcoming activities, and a historical timeline. On the right, you can view company details like type, industry, ownership, and designated territory. Contact information, attached files, and custom fields specific to the company can also be found here.

Exploring Nutshell

Now that you’re familiar with creating and managing contacts and companies in Nutshell, you’re equipped to explore other features such as creating leads and organizing your contacts into saved lists. Nutshell offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your business processes and improve your efficiency.

Thank you for reading, and we wish you success in your journey of “nutshelling” with Nutshell CRM.