NolaPro Accounting Software

NolaPro is a flexible accounting software made by Noguska LLC. It helps businesses with things like keeping track of orders, managing inventory, and handling sales at the cash register. It’s designed to fit the specific needs of companies that deal with customers, suppliers, and employees. NolaPro has a feature that helps you manage people, so you can track what your customers are buying, create profiles for them, record employee work hours, and do other important people-related tasks.

In addition, NolaPro’s accounting tools help you keep your financial records in order. You can see your company’s financial health with things like balance sheets, double-entry accounting, and profit and loss reports. The software also helps with managing what you owe to suppliers, creating reports about overdue bills, and tracking credit card purchases and payments.

If you need to handle billing, NolaPro can help you pay bills, request price quotes, keep a history of payments, and manage your inventory items. It’s made to be useful for all kinds of businesses, whether you’re in architecture, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, hospitality, or any other industry.


Corporate Software Vendor

NOLAPRO is a company that creates software for businesses. It’s like a shop that sells tools for companies.

Complete Freedom to Customize

With NOLAPRO, you can change and adjust the software to fit your company’s needs. It’s like being able to customize your own car with the features you want.

DOD Security & PCI Compliant

NOLAPRO’s software is very secure, just like a strong lock on a door. They also follow rules to protect your payment information, similar to how banks protect your money.

50 Years NolaPro in Business & Counting

NOLAPRO has been around for a long time, which shows they are experienced and trustworthy. It’s like knowing a restaurant has been serving good food for many years.

Onsite or Cloud Deployment

You can use NOLAPRO’s software on your own computers (onsite) or through the internet (cloud). It’s like choosing to cook at home or order food online.

Windows & Linux Support

NOLAPRO’s software works on different types of computers. It’s like saying their software can run on both Macs and PCs, so it’s versatile.

Nolapro feature


Accounts Payable: List of bills you need to pay. It keeps track of the money you owe to other people or businesses.

Accounts Receivable:  List of money people owe you. It keeps track of the money you expect to receive from others.

General Ledger: The main book where all your financial transactions are recorded. It’s like a big journal that shows all the money coming in and going out.

100+ Stock Reports: Different types of documents that give you information about how much stock or inventory you have.

Custom Report Writer: Tool that lets you create your own reports.  It’s for making a special report that fits your needs.

These terms are important in accounting to help businesses manage their money and keep things organized.


Payroll Suite: A package of tools to help businesses pay their employees. It includes everything you need to calculate and manage salaries.

Employee Tools: These are resources for workers. Online access to their pay stubs, benefits information, or the ability to request time off.

Timeclock System: A digital clock that keeps track of when employees start and finish work. It helps in recording their working hours accurately.

Piecework Support: For jobs where you’re paid for each task or “piece” of work you complete. It helps calculate how much someone should be paid based on what they’ve done.

File Online: 941 / W2 / 1099: You can electronically submit important tax forms.

941 Reporting payroll taxes.

W2 Employee income and tax information.

1099 Non-employee income like freelancers.

These tools and features in HR and payroll software make it easier for businesses to handle paying employees and dealing with tax-related paperwork.


Service Orders: Make list for businesses that provide services. It helps keep track of what needs to be done for each customer.

POS / Fulfillment: A cash register and a way to complete customer orders. It helps businesses ring up sales and make sure orders are prepared and delivered.

UPS / FedEx Shipping: Services that help businesses send packages. It’s like using a delivery company to ship your products to customers.

Job Costing: A way to figure out how much money it costs to do a specific job or project. It helps businesses understand the expenses and profits for each task.

eCommerce Integrations: Connecting your online store to other software. It lets your online shop work smoothly with tools like inventory management or accounting.

These features in the NolaPro software help businesses manage orders, services, shipping, costs, and their online stores more efficiently.


Build Orders / BOM (Bill of Materials): A recipe for making products. It tells you what ingredients or parts are needed to create something, and it helps keep track of these components.

Cost Estimating: Predicting how much money it will cost to make or buy something. It helps businesses plan their expenses.

Multi-Location:  If you have more than one store or warehouse, This feature helps you keep track of your inventory in different places.

Special Pricing Sets: Offering discounts or special prices for certain customers or situations. It lets you change prices for specific items as needed.

Barcode Labels: Product ID tags with bars and numbers. They make it easy to scan and identify products quickly. It’s especially helpful in retail and warehouses.

In NolaPro software, these features help businesses effectively manage their inventory, plan costs, handle multiple locations, offer special prices, and streamline product identification with barcodes.


Customer Management: A digital address book for a business. It keeps track of all the people or companies that buy from you. It helps you remember who your customers are and what they like.

Vendor Database: A contact list for the businesses or people you buy things from. It helps you manage your suppliers and keep their information in one place.

Email Center: An inbox for all your email communications related to customers and vendors. It helps you keep track of emails you send and receive regarding your business.

B2B Client Web Portal: Special website where your business clients can log in. They can view information, place orders, or access resources specific to your business.

Vtiger Integration: NolaPro can connect and work with Vtiger, which is another software used for managing customer relationships. This integration helps businesses use both systems together.

In NolaPro software, these tools help businesses organize their customer and vendor information, manage emails, provide an online portal for clients, and collaborate with other software like Vtiger for better customer relationship management.


Salesperson Assignment: Deciding which salesperson is responsible for working with a particular customer. It helps make sure each customer gets personalized attention.

Lead Tracking: Keeping an eye on potential customers who might buy from you in the future. It helps you follow up and turn these “leads” into actual customers.

Customer Quotes: Giving customers an estimated price for your products or services. It helps them understand the cost before making a purchase.

Territories / Regions: Dividing a map into different areas, and each area is managed by a different sales team or person. It helps businesses organize their sales efforts based on geography.

Sales Categories: Sorting your products or services into different groups based on their characteristics. It helps you manage and market your offerings more effectively.

In NolaPro software, these features assist businesses in managing their sales team, tracking potential customers, providing price estimates, organizing sales by location, and categorizing products or services for better marketing.


3rd Party Integration / API: Able to connect NolaPro with other software or services. NolaPro work together with your favorite apps, just like your phone can run different apps.

Industry Specific Features: The tools designed for specific types of businesses. Special functions in NolaPro that work best for your particular industry.

EDI / Data Collection: EDI is a way for NolaPro to exchange business documents with other companies. It helps in sharing information, like invoices, electronically. Data collection means gathering and storing important business data.

User Activity Monitor: Keeping an eye on who’s doing what in NolaPro. It helps you track and understand what users are doing within the software.

Source Code Available: You have access to the behind-the-scenes instructions that make NolaPro work. You can customize or modify the software to fit your needs.

These tools allow businesses to connect with other software, use features tailored to their industry, exchange business documents, monitor user actions, and even customize the software’s code for specific requirements.

Multi-Currency at NolaPro

Multi-Currency: A magic wallet that can hold and convert money from different countries. This feature helps businesses work with various currencies.

VAT / GST: These are types of taxes that different countries might use. NolaPro can handle the calculations and reporting for these taxes, making it easier for international transactions.

60+ Languages: NolaPro can speak many different languages, just like people do. Businesses around the world can use the software in their preferred language.

Global Payroll Support: This feature helps businesses manage employee pay and taxes, no matter where in the world their employees are located.

Country Specific Versions: NolaPro can adapt to the specific rules and regulations of different countries. Customized version of the software for each place.

Conclucion from NolaPro

These international tools make it possible for businesses to handle money in different currencies, deal with various tax systems, use the software in many languages, manage payroll worldwide, and stay compliant with specific regulations in different countries.