What is Mineraltree TotalAP

MineralTree TotalAP is a smart tool that helps businesses manage their bills and payments more efficiently. It uses digital technology to take all the paperwork out of paying suppliers, making it simple, effective, and good for your bottom line. This system lives in the cloud, and it can handle a small or huge pile of invoices each month, so your team can handle growth without hiring more people. Plus, it works closely with your ERP system, so data can flow back and forth easily. In short, TotalAP is like a smart assistant for your accounts payable, making business smoother and more profitable.

MineralTree revenue

MineralTree TotalAP streamlines your money matters with a simple 5-step approach. First, it snags your invoices for you. Then, it gets them approved, authorizes the payments, takes care of the actual payments, and lastly, it does a deep dive into your accounts payable data. It’s like having a helpful assistant for your financial tasks, taking away the boring, time-consuming parts and leaving you with more time to focus on the important stuff.

Mineraltree ap automation

MineralTree’s AP automation is like a magic wand for your business. It transforms your Accounts Payable (AP) into a source of profit rather than just paperwork. By automating the entire AP process, you can cut processing costs by a whopping 80%. Plus, it helps you grab early-pay discounts and even get cash back through virtual card payments. In fact, for many users, the money they earn from virtual card rebates is more than what they spend on MineralTree. It’s like turning a cost into a source of income, making your business more efficient and profitable.

Increase Effciency

Boost your efficiency with MineralTree – say goodbye to boring manual tasks like typing in invoices, chasing approvals, and handling paper envelopes. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you, freeing up your time to focus on important, strategic work, like analyzing expenses. Plus, you won’t need to hire more people as your company expands. It’s like having a productivity boost that saves you time and money, making your business more agile and effective.

Control Outgoing Cash Flow

Take the reins of your cash flow with MineralTree. You get to decide exactly when and how you pay your vendors, giving you full control over your outgoing money. This means you can make the most of early-pay discounts and grab virtual card rebates. Plus, you’ll steer clear of late fees, accidental double payments, or being overcharged. It’s like having a financial GPS for your business, ensuring you’re always on the right track to save money and make your cash flow work in your favor.

Prevent Fraud

MineralTree has your back when it comes to fraud prevention. They’ve got top-notch security measures in place to tackle both external and internal fraud. With features like two-factor authentication, separation of tasks, double approvals, and detailed audit trails, your financial data is safeguarded. Plus, they’ve integrated with bank Positive Pay for an extra layer of protection. It’s like having a guardian for your money, making sure it’s safe and sound, so you can focus on your business without worrying about fraudsters.

MineralTree TotalAP total product

AP Automation Solution & Payment

MineralTree’s TotalAP is a handy tool for businesses. It helps you manage your bills and payments efficiently. This software takes care of everything from receiving invoices to making payments. It’s all done online, making your life easier. Whether you have just a few bills or tons of them each month, TotalAP can handle it. This means you don’t need to hire more people as your business grows. It’s a smart way to save time and money while keeping your suppliers happy.

Make Manual B2B Payments

TotalPay is a solution that makes paying bills easier. If you’re tired of handling B2B payments manually, this tool can help. It’s like having a helper for your accounts payable team. It takes your old, slow way of paying bills and turns it into a faster, safer, and cost-effective process. This means you can forget about the hassle of manual payments and enjoy a more streamlined approach to managing your business finances.

With TotalPay, you’re in control of who gets paid and when. MineralTree steps in to make sure those payments happen on time, using the best payment method. We also handle vendor management and support, freeing up your time for more important tasks. TotalPay is your simple solution for automated and efficient invoice payments, no matter your industry, bank, or team size. It’s a hassle-free way to keep your payments in order.

Mineraltree global payments

FEATURES Virtual CardsA

MineralTree TotalAP offers a great feature called SilverPay Virtual Cards. These are a safe and free way to make payments, plus you get cashback. It’s like a little reward for paying your bills! So, what are SilverPay Virtual Cards? They’re a secure payment method that MineralTree provides for free. When you use them to pay your suppliers, you not only handle your payments easily but also earn some extra money in the process. It’s a simple way to turn your regular payments into a small income source.

A virtual card is a special 16-digit number that’s created randomly, and it can only be used once for a set amount. These virtual cards are sent to your vendors through email and work just like regular credit cards. SilverPay is a super quick way to pay your suppliers. Once it’s approved, your vendor gets the virtual card info in their email within hours. Choosing SilverPay Virtual Card Payments is a smart move because it’s faster than ACH, safer than writing checks, and it smoothly fits into your current payment process. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.