Keeping Customers by  Recurly Churn Management

Recurly Churn Management. Churn can be a real headache for subscription businesses. It’s when customers leave, either by accident or on purpose. But fear not, reducing churn is possible with smart tools and strategies.

Get Your Money Back! By Recurly Churn Management

Wondering how much money you can get back from failed transactions? Recurly has a handy calculator that can show you.

Recurly Churn Management & Getting Back Lost Money

Recurly is your trusty ally in the battle against customers canceling their subscriptions and payments going haywire.

Churn: Unintentional and Avoidable

Sometimes people leave by mistake, like when their card expires. Studies show that a good chunk of churn, about 20-40%, is not on purpose. But businesses with smart tools can stop this and bring back lost money.

Maximize Money, Minimize Loss, and Make Customers Happy

Don’t let churn ruin your day. Recurly has tools to stop churn in its tracks and recover failed payments. Plus, they help you offer customers great deals to keep them around.

Retain and Win Back Customers

It’s all about making it easy for customers to stick around. You can offer them extra stuff and incentives. And if they stray, Recurly has a plan to bring them back.

Scale Faster with Smarter Insights

Make better decisions by keeping an eye on what your subscribers are up to. Recurly has all the reports and data you need to grow.

Key Features: The Recurly Churn Management Busters

Recurly has a bunch of tools to cut churn, like intelligent retries, account updater, and dunning campaigns. These things help fix payment issues and stop customers from leaving.

Intelligent Retries Save the Day

Recurly’s retry engine is like a superhero for your payments. It tries to fix declined transactions using fancy machine learning to boost your revenue.

Account Updater Keeps Things Fresh

Nobody likes failed payments. Recurly’s account updater is like your personal card-watcher, making sure the info is always up to date.

Expired Card Management for the Win

Expired cards can ruin your day, but Recurly can help. They update billing info and even send emails to subscribers, so they know what’s up.

Dunning Campaigns: The Churn Fighters by Recurly Churn Management

Dunning campaigns are like your customer service heroes. They send messages when payments are late or declined, and you can customize them to fit different situations.

Backup Payment Method to the Rescue

Sometimes payments fail for all sorts of reasons. Recurly has your back by using a backup payment method to keep the money flowing.

Pause Subscriptions to Keep Customers

Give customers the option to pause their subscriptions instead of leaving. It’s like hitting the snooze button on churn.

Supercharge Your Business with Subscription Analytics

Get deep insights into how your business is doing with cool charts and graphs.

FAQs: All Your Churn Questions Answered

What’s churn management? It’s about stopping customers from leaving.

How do you track churn? With tools like Recurly, of course.

What’s churn risk? It’s the chance a customer might stop using your stuff.

How do you reduce churn in SaaS? Fix payment issues and make your offers better.

How do you forecast churn? Use data and smart tools.

What’s a good churn rate? It varies, but you can compare it to others in your industry.

What’s the diff between churn and retention? Churn is when people leave, retention is when they stay. Simple as that.