About GivingDNA

GivingDNA is like a super-smart tool for charities. It lives in the cloud, helping nonprofits do amazing things. It sorts donors into special groups with laser-like precision. This helps fundraisers and do-good marketers understand their donors better. They can make each donor feel super special with personalized messages and care. So, GivingDNA is like a wizard that makes charity work even better! 🪄✨🤗

The future of fundraising and data analytics

The future of fundraising and data analytics is super exciting! Just using outside data isn’t enough to know everything about donors. We take your info and mix it with other data to reveal your donors’ true giving power. It’s like adding magic ingredients to a recipe to make it taste even better! So, get ready for a future where fundraising and data analytics team up to work wonders for nonprofits. 🚀💫😄

Intuitive Data at Your Fingertips

Imagine having super easy access to all the important info you need. It’s like having a treasure map to find donors who are all set to connect with your cause on a deeper level. This means you can raise money faster and do more good in the world. It’s like having a secret tool that helps you make a big impact. So, get ready to raise more money and make positive changes happen, all at your fingertips! 🌟💰🚀

Makes sure every donor feels special

GivingDNA makes sure every donor feels special. It’s like a magic wand for personalizing the donor journey. Nobody likes a generic or boring experience, and your donors are no different. With GivingDNA, you’ll give them a meaningful and relevant experience they’ll cherish. 🪄✨😊

Empowers your strategies with data-driven storytelling

GivingDNA empowers your strategies with data-driven storytelling. It’s like having a storyteller who uses numbers to reveal your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Plus, it’s super easy to understand, saving you time. Get ready to seize opportunities and tackle challenges in a snap. 📊📈✨

GPS for fundraising success

With GivingDNA, you don’t have to guess when it comes to major gifts. It’s like having a GPS for fundraising success. It helps you manage your gifts so efficiently that you can reach your fundraising goals faster and exceed them with confidence. 🎯🚀💰

Don’t let your team burn out! With fresh data and new leads, you can give them a boost. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your prospect list. By updating it monthly, you’ll keep it vibrant and exciting, ensuring your staff stays energized and motivated. 🌬️💼📊

Unlock Your Fundraising Potential

Unlocking the Power of GivingDNA: Boost Your Fundraising Efforts

Are you tired of running generic fundraising campaigns that only resonate with a handful of people? Say goodbye to wasted time and money with GivingDNA, your personal data analyst that empowers your team to make informed decisions and surpass your fundraising goals.

Why GivingDNA Is a Game-Changer

Save Time and Resources Imagine no longer wasting hours on manual calculations or drowning in spreadsheets. With GivingDNA, you can streamline your data analysis and get back valuable time and resources for your organization.

Improve Donor Retention Did you know that retaining existing donors is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones? By inputting your current metrics, GivingDNA can help you calculate the potential benefits of donor retention strategies.

Upgrade Giving Want to know how much more you can raise from your current donors? GivingDNA can crunch the numbers and provide you with insights on maximizing your fundraising efforts.

Discover Recurring Donors Convert annual donors into monthly supporters and unlock a new stream of funding. With GivingDNA, you can see the potential increase in donations from recurring gifts.

Optimize Direct Mail Spend Direct mail is becoming more expensive, and you need to ensure your investments in this channel are worthwhile. GivingDNA can help you calculate the potential returns on your direct mail campaigns.

Find Planned Giving Opportunities Planned giving is a powerful source of support for your organization. By entering your current metrics into GivingDNA, you can discover the potential results from planned giving initiatives.

Maximizing Your Fundraising Strategies by GivingDNA

GivingDNA offers several features to take your fundraising efforts to the next level:

Moves Management Features: Identify prime donor candidates for deeper engagement, helping you build stronger relationships with your supporters.

Personalization Features: Deliver personalized and relevant donor experiences at scale. Your donors will appreciate the personalized touch.

Reporting Features: Uncover the stories hidden in your data and create powerful fundraising strategies with ease. Save time and identify opportunities and challenges instantly.

Portfolio Management & Optimization: Say goodbye to guesswork when managing major gifts. GivingDNA makes it simple to optimize and create high-performing portfolios for your donors.


In conclusion, GivingDNA is the key to unlocking your organization’s full fundraising potential. It’s time to leave behind one-size-fits-all campaigns and embrace a data-driven approach that saves you time, resources, and money. With GivingDNA, you can make informed decisions, improve donor retention, and take your fundraising to new heights.