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FreshSales CRM Tutorial For Beginners – How To Use Freshworks CRM Software

FreshSales CRM . Introduction: we will guide you on how to effectively use Freshworks CRM, specifically FreshSales. If you’re new to FreshSales, you can find the link to create an account.For those who already have an account, let’s skip this part and dive right into the tutorial.

Getting Started:

Account Creation:

Click on “Sign up now” or “View pricing.”

Enter your details, including name, email address, company, and phone number.

Choose between FreshSales or Freshly Suite and select your data center location.

Click “Sign up for free” to create your account.

Activate Your Account:

Check your inbox for an activation link.

You can activate your FreshSales account by simply clicking on the provided link.

Exploring FreshSales:

Now that your account is activated, let’s explore the FreshSales dashboard:

Overview of the Dashboard:

The dashboard consists of:

Activity Dashboard: Displays upcoming tasks, meetings, and reminders.

Contacts and Accounts: Where you manage your contacts and company accounts.

Deals and Sales Forecasts: Track deals and sales projections.

Sales Conversations: Manage communication through emails, phone, SMS, and more.

Marketing Automation: Streamline Your Marketing Efforts with Automation.

Admin Settings: Configure your CRM settings.

Navigating the Interface:

Use the chat switcher on the bottom left to switch between tools.

Access your profile settings and email templates from the top right.

Working with Contacts and Accounts:

Managing Contacts and Company Accounts

Start by creating accounts, then add contacts related to those accounts.

Customize fields to include relevant information like website, phone, and more.

Adding Deals:

Create deals associated with specific accounts and contacts.

Define deal values, stages, and currencies.

Tailor your deal stages to your business needs and harness sales projections..

Managing Tasks, Meetings, and Communication:

Adding Tasks:

Add tasks from the dashboard or within a specific deal or contact.

Define task specifics, such as deadlines and expected results..

Scheduling Meetings:

Schedule meetings and associate them with deals or contacts.

Set locations, time zones, and related details.

Logging Calls:

Keep track of calls by logging them and associating them with accounts or deals.

Record call outcomes and relevant information.

Sending Emails:

Easily send emails within FreshSales.

Personalize emails, add attachments, and format text.

Sales Conversations and Sequences: 11. Sales Sequences: – Create sequences to automate follow-ups and reminders. – Set up email templates and tasks in your sequences.

Email Templates:

Design email templates for efficient communication.

Advanced Features: 13. Bulk Email and SMS: – Use bulk email and SMS for efficient outreach.

Marketing Automation: make your Marketing Efforts simpler with the Automation feature.


Generate reports and dashboards to track your CRM’s performance.


That’s a wrap on our FreshSales tutorial for beginners. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask in the comments. FreshSales offers a powerful suite of tools to help you manage your customer relationships and sales processes effectively.

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