About Planning Maestro Centage’s

Centage’s Planning Maestro, a cloud-native planning and analytics platform, provides year-round financial insights, revolutionizing the way businesses create budgets, forecasts, and report their performance. Centage empowers companies with advanced financial intelligence, a level of sophistication typically reserved for large enterprises, all at a price point suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. Utilizing this financial intelligence, Planning Maestro seamlessly harmonizes the Profit and Loss statement, the balance sheet, and the cash flow to ensure compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). This not only offers users a short-term perspective on the company’s well-being but also provides a long-term outlook on its financial health. Furthermore, Planning Maestro includes 40 pre-built GAAP/IFRS-compliant reports that can be tailored and personalized for various data reporting needs.

Planning Maestro Features

Budgeting : Enhanced budgeting capabilities, simplified process

Elevate your budgeting to new heights with Planning Maestro®, our cloud-based budgeting software. Streamline and accelerate the creation and maintenance of driver-based budgets. Empower yourself to make budgeting a continuous, informed decision-making tool, all while lightening the workload on your finance team.

Simplify your budgeting procedure. Shed the time-consuming and error-prone spreadsheet budgeting. Planning Maestro® eradicates mundane tasks, ensuring effortless budgeting. Create a budget model swiftly. Explore numerous scenarios, produce precise forecasts, and uphold your chart of accounts. Perpetually enhance your budget to adapt to ever-evolving challenges.

Rapid Creation of Driver-Based Budgets

With Planning Maestro’s integrated accounting rules and business logic, crafting an accurate, driver-based budget becomes a swift and effortless task, sans programming or complex formulas. Align operational activities with your business objectives, monitor performance, and easily adapt your budget to maintain financial health.

Robust, Collaborative Budgeting

Crafting precise budgets demands input from various team members. Planning Maestro’s role-based access permits stakeholders to engage in budgeting, accessing pertinent data and functions while maintaining financial integrity and compliance through embedded safeguards.

Effortless Workforce Planning

Efficiently construct a comprehensive workforce plan, assessing your resources to gauge your company’s goal achievement capabilities. Gain insights into each department’s and employee’s impact on your profitability. Integrated logic monitors overtime, premium time, and shift variations in alignment with your work and pay schedules.

Continuous Revenue Planning

Simplify the generation of driver-based revenue projections and rolling forecasts to propel business growth and profitability. Gain a holistic understanding of historical sales performance and formulate achievable forecasts, consolidating all revenue streams for a comprehensive, company-wide perspective.

Forecasting Financial Made Easy

Planning Maestro makes financial forecasting easy. In the fast-paced world of business, it’s crucial to plan ahead and anticipate challenges. With this software, you can predict how different scenarios will affect your finances and compare them to actual results, giving you valuable insights. It helps you create more accurate budgets, set achievable goals, and catch and fix issues before they become big problems. Planning Maestro simplifies the complex world of financial forecasting, making it accessible to everyone.

How Planning Maestro helps you use this feature

Sharpen your forecasting vision

Planning Maestro is your tool for clear financial forecasting. It lets you see the future by testing different ideas and their effects on your finances in a snap. With its smart financial logic, you can experiment with various assumptions and see how they affect your money matters. It also uncovers the reasons behind any differences between your plans and reality, helping you make the right moves to boost your financial success. It’s like putting on glasses for a sharper financial vision.

Make data-driven decisions

Planning Maestro is your ticket to smart decision-making. It helps you reach your goals by turning financial data into actionable insights. With this tool, you can create accurate cash flow, balance sheet, and profit and loss statements without doing the same math over and over. Dive deep into the details, so you can spot risks, find opportunities, and understand any differences in your data. It’s all about making decisions that lead you down the path to success.

Cash flow, balance sheet, and P&L forecasting

Planning Maestro is your financial wizard. It works seamlessly with your general ledger, conjuring up precise balance sheets and cash flow forecasts that sync with real results and your budget. With its magic, you can visualize how cash flows through every part of your business. Change a single assumption, and like magic, it updates your entire financial picture. It’s like having a crystal ball for your finances, helping you see into the future and make wise decisions.

generate accurate rolling forecasts

Planning Maestro is your forecast guru. With its built-in features and connected financial statements, you can generate spot-on rolling forecasts all year long. This tool simplifies the process, making 12- or 18-month forecasts a breeze. Plus, it gives you detailed variance reports to show where reality diverges from your plans. So, whenever business conditions change, you’re well-prepared to adjust your course and stay on the right track. It’s like having a reliable compass for your financial journey.

Scenario Planning Made Easy

Imagine having a tool that helps you prepare for anything that might come your way. That’s exactly what “what if” scenario planning is all about. To run a successful business, you need to be able to explore different possibilities, and doing it on complicated spreadsheets can be a real hassle. But with Planning Maestro® financial planning software, it’s a breeze. You can quickly create budgets that show you how different scenarios might affect your business. This agility is your secret weapon against the ever-changing business landscape.

How Planning Maestro helps you by Scenario Planning Made Easy feauture

Change management made easy

Planning Maestro is like a change management wizard for your business. You won’t need any fancy reprogramming tricks. Instead, it’s as easy as tweaking the numbers. You can whip up countless budget versions, each with its own unique financial plan, all in an instant. Want to see how different ideas might affect your business? No problem! You can test out various scenarios and check the financial outcome of different growth and funding choices in a snap. It’s like having a crystal ball for your business decisions.

Test multiple “What if?” scenarios

Planning Maestro is your go-to tool for testing out different “what if” scenarios. You can effortlessly try various assumptions and see how they affect your financial statements thanks to its driver-based automation. Wondering how your plan might react to a particular variable? No problem, you can test it out. Plus, it comes with built-in compliance and automated workflows, so you can make sure all your inputs follow your company’s unique rules and structure. It’s like having a financial crystal ball that follows your company’s playbook.

Secure, collaborative planning

In today’s financial world, planning is a team effort, involving folks from all corners of the organization. Planning Maestro makes it a breeze with role-based access, giving each person the right tools and data they need for their part. And don’t worry about the numbers’ safety; there are built-in safeguards to make sure all the data stays accurate and reliable. It’s like having a secure and collaborative playground for everyone in your organization to join in on the budgeting fun.

Improve financial visibility

With Planning Maestro, you get a clear view of your business’s financial health. It’s like having a magic window that lets you see trends in real-time. You can check how your actual numbers match up to your plan, keeping a close eye on your performance. And if you want to dive deeper, you can drill down into the numbers to uncover the story behind them. It’s like having a financial detective kit to solve the mysteries of your business’s success.

Seamless data connectivity

Planning Maestro makes life easier by seamlessly connecting all your data sources. It’s like setting up a smooth and secure highway for transaction data to flow from your GL, ERP, CRM, and other sources. This automation means you can constantly compare your actual numbers to your budget, all while dodging those pesky data entry mistakes and duplicated information. It’s like having a data-driven GPS for your business, ensuring you’re always on the right financial path.

Planning Maestro Features: Simplified Financial Consolidation

Planning Maestro makes it super simple to gather all your financial info in one place. You know, trying to put together all those numbers from different accounts or companies using spreadsheets can be a real headache. But with Planning Maestro’s cloud budgeting and planning software, that headache disappears. It’s like magic! Now, your finance team can spend more time thinking about the big financial picture and making smart plans, knowing that their budgets are totally accurate.

How Planning Maestro helps you by Simplified Financial Consolidation feature

Consolidation made easy

Planning Maestro is like your financial superhero. It makes combining data from different parts of your business a breeze. You won’t have to worry about messing up the numbers or counting things twice because it’s super smart and won’t let you do that. Plus, you can check the results with or without any changes you make. So, whether you have lots of different parts to your business, many places, or tons of products, Planning Maestro helps you stay on track and focused on what really matters – your results.

Simplify complexity

Planning Maestro is like a wizard that makes your financial life easier. It takes all those complicated tasks, like dealing with different currencies, tricky transactions between company branches, and other complex stuff, and makes them super simple with automation. It’s like having a helper that does the hard work for you, so you can focus on what’s important. No need to worry about all those complicated numbers – Planning Maestro has got you covered.

Generate reports quickly

With Planning Maestro, making financial reports is a breeze. You can create and share all those important financial reports that follow the rules (the GAAP rules) in no time. The best part? Planning Maestro does all the boring, repetitive work for you. It makes sure the numbers are spot on and takes the load off your team. So, you get accurate, useful reports without the hassle. It’s like having a speedy report-making assistant at your service.

Automatic data synchronization

Planning Maestro keeps your financial data in sync without any fuss. No need for manual data entry, it automatically updates your consolidated financials whenever there’s a change in any number. This means your numbers are always fresh and accurate. Say goodbye to time-consuming data entry and the risk of errors. With Planning Maestro, your financial reports are like a well-tuned orchestra, playing in perfect harmony without any effort from you.

Features: Financial Performance Dashboards

Understanding your financial performance is now a breeze. Finance teams need to know where they stand in terms of budgets, risks, and chances for growth. With Planning Maestro® cloud budgeting and planning software, you get a powerful tool to make sense of it all. Their business analytics dashboards shed light on your financial performance in a way that helps you make better decisions. It’s like having a spotlight on your finances, making complex data simple to grasp.

How Planning Maestro helps you by Financial Performance Dashboards

A nuanced view of performance

Planning Maestro is your go-to ally for smarter decision-making. It serves up data in user-friendly reports and web dashboards that anyone can understand. By weaving together data from various parts of your business, like CRM, payroll, and more, it gives you a deep and nuanced look at how your company is doing. This means you can make faster, better choices to keep your business on the right track, with clear and timely insights at your fingertips.

Uncover the Why: Delve Deeper into Root Causes

Planning Maestro doesn’t just show you what went wrong or right; it helps you uncover the “why” behind it all. Understanding the reasons behind changes in your business is crucial for seizing opportunities and solving problems. With this tool, it’s a breeze to dig deeper and find out what’s causing those differences in your key performance indicators (KPIs). You have the power to choose which KPIs to keep an eye on, and you can arrange the data in various ways, making it easy to spot issues and act swiftly.

Slice and dice data your way

With Planning Maestro, you’re in control of your data. It lets you slice and dice information the way you want. Need specific reports? No problem! You can easily create operational reports that fit your needs. For instance, you can check revenue by product, see sales reports by product, region, salesperson, or customer type, and many other metrics. It’s like having your own data chef, serving up exactly what you need on the menu.

Planning Maestro features: Easy Financial Reporting with Maest

Planning Maestro offers a smart way to handle finances. With this tool, you can transform your money insights into easy-to-use reports. These reports are like maps, guiding you through the financial maze of your business. Clear, trustworthy, and filled with details, they help leaders make important choices confidently. Planning Maestro makes financial reporting a breeze, making sure your business sails smoothly through the challenges of money management.

How Planning Maestro helps you by Easy Financial Reporting with Maest

Create custom reports quickly

Planning Maestro is like a super-speedy report maker for your finances. It’s so simple to use; you can create custom reports in a flash. With its smart automation, you can build reports quickly without breaking a sweat. You get to decide how you want to see your data – it’s all in your hands! Want to dig deep into the nitty-gritty details or get a bird’s eye view? No problem. This tool lets you do it all, helping you keep a close eye on how your business is doing.

Self-service analytics

Planning Maestro is all about making life easier for business folks. It’s like having your own superhero sidekick for analytics. You see, it’s super easy to use, which means even controllers and financial experts can create rock-solid reports. And the best part? Once they’ve done the heavy lifting, they can pass the baton to top bosses like the VP of Finance or CFO. These bigwigs can then run reports and do their thing without bugging the finance or IT teams. It’s like having your own financial power at your fingertips!

Variance reporting made easy

With Planning Maestro, tracking your business’s performance is a breeze. You can easily compare your plans with what actually happened and make adjustments when needed. This tool helps you create reports that show the differences between your budget and reality. And if you ever wonder why things didn’t go as expected, you can dig deep to find out. It’s like having a detective for your finances, making it simple to work together with everyone involved in the budget.