About epicor kinetic application studio

Epicor Kinetic application studio without programming skills. Epicor Kinetic Application Studio is a low-code/no-code application development platform designed to help companies create custom business applications without requiring in-depth programming skills.  The platform allows users with varying levels of technical skills to design, build, and modify applications according to their business needs.

Epicor Kinetic application studio customization

 Epicor Kinetic Customization refers to the ability to customize or adapt Epicor Kinetic software solutions to suit the specific needs of a company.  This includes customizing features, user interfaces, and business logic without requiring deep changes to the source code.  In other words, companies can customize the user experience and system functionality without having to do complex software development manually.

Epicor Kinetic functions

 Epicor Kinetic Functions refers to the various functions or features included in the Epicor Kinetic software solution.  These functions cover various aspects of business operations and management, such as manufacturing, finance, supply chain, and project management.  Epicor Kinetic is designed to provide a comprehensive set of functions to support a wide range of business needs, enabling companies to manage and optimize their processes more efficiently.

Examples of kinetic epicor features or functions

  • Manufacturing: Epicor Kinetic provides features for managing manufacturing processes, including production planning, inventory control, and quality monitoring.
  • Finance: Kinetic’s finance module includes features such as general accounting, accounts receivable accounting, accounts payable accounting, and financial reporting.
  • Supply Chain: This function includes supply chain management, including inventory monitoring, order management, and integration with business partners.
  • Project Management: Epicor Kinetic has features for project planning, execution, and monitoring, including project resource management.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Allows companies to manage relationships with customers, track interactions, and improve customer service.
  • HR (Human Resources): This module covers employee data management, performance monitoring, training management, and personnel administration.
  • Business Analysis: Epicor Kinetic is equipped with business analysis tools to help companies make decisions based on collected data.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Enables access to business information via mobile devices to support employee mobility.

 This is just a small part of the features and functions that can be found in Epicor Kinetic, which is designed to support various operational and management aspects within an enterprise.

Epicor community

 Epicor Community is a platform where users, partners, and IT professionals can interact, share knowledge, and get support regarding Epicor products, including Epicor Kinetic.  Through forums, discussions, webinars, and other resources, the Epicor Community enables members to exchange information, resolve issues, and leverage collective experiences to improve use and understanding of Epicor products.

Epicor support

 Epicor Support refers to the customer support services provided by Epicor to assist users in understanding, implementing, and maintaining Epicor software solutions, including Epicor Kinetic.  These services include technical assistance, troubleshooting, software updates and other resources designed to ensure customers can optimize their use of Epicor products.  Epicor Support may include online support, a help center, as well as access to software updates and official documentation.


 EpiUsers is an online community dedicated to users of Epicor products.  Within EpiUsers, members can interact, share experiences, exchange ideas, and provide support regarding Epicor products, including solutions such as Epicor Kinetic.  This community is a place where Epicor users, partners, and professionals gather to discuss technical issues, share solutions, and expand their knowledge of Epicor products.

Epicor kinetic application studio erp solutions

To implement Epicor Kinetic ERP solutions, follow these general steps:

Assessment and Planning:

  • Evaluate your organization’s needs and goals.
  • Plan the ERP implementation timeline and budget.
  • Team Formation
  • Training.
  • Data Migration
  • Customization



User Acceptance Testing (UAT):


Monitoring and Optimization

Support and Maintenance

Continuous Improvement

Always refer to the specific documentation provided by Epicor for detailed guidance on implementing Kinetic ERP solutions tailored to your organization’s requirements. Additionally, consider engaging with Epicor’s support and consulting services for expert assistance.

Epicor kinetic application studio integration

Epicor Kinetic ERP can integrate with various third-party applications to enhance its functionality and streamline business processes. The specific integrations available can depend on your version of Epicor Kinetic and the modules you have implemented.

CRM Systems:

Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to manage customer interactions and data.

E-commerce Platforms:

Integration with e-commerce platforms for seamless order processing and inventory management.

Supply Chain and Logistics:

Integration with supply chain and logistics solutions to optimize inventory levels, shipping, and procurement.

Financial Software:

Integration with accounting and financial software for accurate and up-to-date financial data.

Human Resources (HR) Systems:

Integration with HR systems to manage employee information, payroll, and workforce planning.

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools:

Integration with BI tools for advanced reporting and data analysis.

Document Management Systems:

Integration with document management systems for efficient handling of business documents.

IoT Devices:

Integration with Internet of Things (IoT) devices for real-time monitoring and data collection.

Collaboration Tools:

Integration with collaboration tools to facilitate communication and project management.

Custom Applications.

Before implementing any integration, it’s crucial to consult with Epicor or your ERP provider to ensure compatibility and proper configuration. Epicor often provides guidelines, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), and connectors to facilitate these integrations. Thank for reading this article with title : Epicor Kinetic application studio without programming skills.