Eagle Business Management Software (EBMS) Integrated ERP solution

About Eagle Business Management Software (EBMS)

Eagle Business Management Software (EBMS) Integrated ERP solution. EBMS is an integrated ERP solution that centralizes business processes, including sales, financial management, inventory tracking, and payment processing. It facilitates order management, invoicing, customer account maintenance, proposals, and promotional pricing. The software supports stock catalog creation, tracks purchasing history, service notes, rentals, and warranty information. The accounting module manages reconciliations, bank statements, accounts payable, journal entries, payroll, and accounts receivable. Work orders, task management, employee scheduling, time recording, and labor cost evaluation are also part of EBMS. Integration with third-party solutions is possible through its API. Support is provided through documentation, phone, email, and online measures.

Key Features of EBMS:

Sales: Handles point-of-sale needs, proposals, and quotes.

Inventory: Implements tools for accurate order fulfillment.

Labor: Simplifies job management critical to labor oversight.

Financials: Provides a complete picture of the company’s financial status.

Client Services:

Dedicated Account Management & regular check-ins

Personalized support

Continued systems training and consulting

Business process consulting

Change management consulting

System and Soul coaching

Pricing for EBMS is available on request, and support is offered through various channels.

Eagle Business Management Software (EBMS) enhances business operations by:

Streamlining Processes: EBMS centralizes sales, financial management, inventory tracking, and more, reducing manual effort and streamlining workflows.

Efficient Sales Management: Manages point-of-sale needs, proposals, and quotes, improving the efficiency of sales processes.

Accurate Inventory Control: Implements tools for precise order fulfillment, minimizing errors and ensuring optimal inventory management.

Labor Optimization: Simplifies crucial job management, aiding in efficient labor oversight and resource allocation.

Comprehensive Financial Insights: Provides a complete picture of the company’s financial status through robust accounting and financial management modules.

Client Services Support: Offers dedicated account management, personalized support, ongoing training, and consulting to enhance user experience.

Flexibility and Scalability: Being a powerful, flexible, and scalable ERP system, EBMS adapts to evolving business needs, supporting growth and changes.

Integration Capabilities: The software’s API allows seamless integration with third-party solutions, promoting interoperability and expanding functionality.

Industry-Specific Solutions: Tailored integrations for various industries, such as automotive, distribution, and equipment, demonstrate versatility and suitability for specific business needs.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Integrations with solutions like Verifone improve the customer payment experience, contributing to overall customer satisfaction.

EBMS contributes to operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and improved decision-making, ultimately making businesses more agile, competitive, and customer-focused.

Integrations with EBMS:

AMS Rollforming: Manages metal roll-forming machines, enhancing precision and control in manufacturing processes.

Beck Rollforming: Offers control for metal rollforming machines, ensuring efficient and accurate production.

Commercient: Connects ERP and CRM software, fostering seamless communication and efficiency in operations.

Earl Owen: Supports a family-owned automotive accessories distributor, optimizing order management and distribution processes.

Intulse: Integrates Caller ID on VoIP phone systems through the EBMS API, improving communication and customer interactions.

Keystone Automotive: Facilitates the distribution of specialty automotive equipment, streamlining inventory and order processes.

LaceUP solutions: Provides Direct Store Delivery (DSD) software for wholesale distributors, enhancing distribution efficiency.

Listing Mirror: Enables multi-channel product listing for merchants, simplifying product management across various platforms.

Meyer Distributing: Supports a distributor of specialty automotive equipment, improving inventory tracking and order fulfillment.

Motorstate Distributing: Aids an aftermarket parts distributor for racing and performance industries, optimizing supply chain management.

ProVia Entry Link: Used by ProVia product suppliers for orders in EBMS, ensuring smooth order processing and fulfillment.

ShipEngine: Acts as middleware for easy shipping with package carriers, simplifying shipping processes and tracking.

TaxJar: Manages complete sales tax for any US state, ensuring accurate and compliant tax calculations.

Transamerican Wholesale: Supports a distributor of specialty automotive equipment, improving efficiency in distribution processes.

Variobend: Manages a sheet metal folding machine for the metal roofing industry, enhancing precision in manufacturing.

Verifone: Provides a unified platform for a seamless customer payment experience, improving transaction efficiency and customer satisfaction.

These integrations collectively enhance various aspects of business operations, from manufacturing and distribution to communication, payment processing, and compliance.

Key Differentiators of Eagle Business Management Software (EBMS):

Full Integration: EBMS is described as a fully integrated ERP solution, suggesting a comprehensive approach that covers sales, financial management, inventory tracking, and more within a centralized platform.

Versatility Across Industries: The software is positioned as versatile, catering to industries such as automotive, distribution, equipment, and more, indicating adaptability to diverse business needs.

Client Services Emphasis: The mention of dedicated account management, personalized support, ongoing training, and consulting highlights a strong emphasis on client services and user support.

Scalability and Flexibility: EBMS is characterized as a powerful, flexible, and scalable ERP system, indicating its ability to grow with the business and adapt to changing requirements.

Wide Range of Modules: The software includes modules for sales, financials, inventory, labor, and more, suggesting a comprehensive suite of tools for managing various aspects of business operations.

API Integration: The presence of an Application Programming Interface (API) emphasizes the software’s openness to integration with third-party solutions, promoting interoperability.

Industry-Specific Integrations: Integrations with specific industries such as metal roll-forming machines, automotive distribution, and sheet metal folding machines showcase a tailored approach to industry requirements.

Customer Experience Enhancement: Integrations like Verifone focus on improving the customer payment experience, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Multi-Channel Product Listing: The integration with Listing Mirror indicates support for merchants managing product listings across multiple channels, showcasing flexibility in e-commerce operations.

These points collectively differentiate EBMS by showcasing its holistic and adaptable approach, industry-specific integrations, and a strong emphasis on customer services and satisfaction.