Benefits from green business revolution

3 The benefits from green business revolution are spectacular

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BenefitS from green business revolution .

When the environmental movement started, it was widely mocked.

Opponents who saw the green war being waged by hippies in the 1960s and 70s take great pleasure in pointing out that many of these fighters, having spent years standing up to ‘the man’, subsequently put on suits and went to work for their old enemies.

However, this doesn’t mean that environmentalism was defeated. In fact, it’s a powerful force in our society, more so now than ever before. The green movement won the war.

It’s completely normal for individuals from all backgrounds to try to conserve energy, to ride their bike instead of driving their car, and to recycle their waste.

Inevitably, the sharp upturn in the popularity of environmentalism has filtered through to the scientific and business communities. This means that there are innumerable opportunities for firms to embrace new technology and cut back on energy wastage, in turn meaning that they can save on their bills.

It also means that businesses that offer savvy and eco-friendly products are more likely to succeed. How could your company benefit from the green revolution?

Tap into the market

One obvious way in which businesses can benefit from the shift in thinking on the environment is to change the products and services offered in order to corner a new market. The impact of the green movement on wider society and customers of all stripes should not be underestimated.

Branding an offering as eco-friendly can add value in the eyes of the consumer, making it a more attractive proposition.

Green initiatives make for great PR campaigns thanks to the very nature of environmentalism – by definition, it’s an issue which affects literally every person on the planet

PR initiatives

Green initiatives make for great PR campaigns thanks to the very nature of environmentalism – by definition, it’s an issue which affects literally every person on the planet. It’s a great idea to run a promotion with an environmental theme.

This will resonate with a significant portion of the population and could receive the backing of local pressure groups or student organisations. It will also go some way towards satisfying your own desire for corporate social responsibility.

Ideas could range from a ‘cycle to work’ initiative, through to competitions and special offers for customers who volunteer to measure their carbon footprint.

Saving money

The widespread nature of eco-friendly products could mean that your business is able to cut back on its energy bills by investing wisely in energy-saving devices. For instance, the benefits of LED lighting are often expounded to homeowners, who are promised a saving on electricity if they pay more up front for efficient bulbs.

Obviously, this effect is magnified for businesses with large showrooms, where good lighting is both essential and expensive. Another example of innovation is seen in the trend for solar powered external signs, like those offered by Display Signs.

If the sign outside your business is in the sun all day, why not capture that energy and use it to provide lighting overnight? This could completely eliminate running costs and boost your green credentials. 

It’s also worth mentioning that an investment in low-energy devices can act as a hedge against rising electricity prices, protecting your business from unexpected costs. Every little counts, and if you’re able to find similar opportunities for sustainable practices throughout the company, you can shave a significant amount off your monthly bills.

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