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Beyond Likes & Shares: How using Offline Marketing Builds REAL Relationships in B2B

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B2B marketing using offline marketing. It might not be cutting edge technology – but direct mail works

Often, many people involved in internet-based B2B marketing tend to focus all their marketing efforts on online promotion and neglect offline marketing techniques altogether.

This is a shame as there are as many excellent ways to promote a website or software offline as well as online.

Too often, B2B companies spend thousands of pounds on SEO activities to get ahead of the game in organic search, but fail to consider that promotional correspondence sent directly to the end user could have just as strong a return on investment as the former costly and time-consuming activity.


One offline method that has the potential to be highly effective is direct-mail marketing. The great advantage of promoting your organisation by direct mail is that you can directly measure the results of your marketing efforts – so much so that many B2B companies do see the benefit of using attractive promotional leaflets to supplement marketing portfolio.

Promotional leaflets can be bought in bulk from specialist companies at competitive prices and posted in bulk, thus acquiring economies of scale

It’s as if the industry is split up into two sectors, those who see the benefits and those who don’t.

Promotional leaflets can be bought in bulk from specialist companies at competitive prices and posted in bulk, thus acquiring economies of scale. With accurate B2B data you can send your promotional correspondence straight to the decision-maker, the person who ultimately decides whether or not to buy your product.

It’s a proactive way towards doing business rather being reactive to hits on your website.

Why spend money on SEO when decision-makers may not even know your product is in the market, let alone specifically search the web using the keywords you expect them to?

Personal touch

Also, it has to be said that a personalised leaflet promising a special offer has a much more personal touch than a standard results listing for your website on a typical search engine.

Plus, if there is market data for prospects who have shown an interest in your product then you can normally expect a warmer response, and ultimately a higher conversion rate, than from a cold prospect. When companies generally show an proactive interest in a particular product or service, it generally means that they themselves have a pressing business need that needs to be solved.

If you do sample direct mailing for your B2B marketing campaign, you can reuse the data. Perhaps following on from the postal campaign, you can try an email campaign or perhaps even telemarketing.

The way I see it, if the customers aren’t coming to you, then go to the customers. Let them know about your product, make them feel special, and everyone is a winner. 

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