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AVUX property maintenance software. Welcome to the magical era of hassle-free property management, accompanied by market-leading services: AVUX®.  As the most advanced and advanced building maintenance work management system on the market, AVUX® has become the top choice of building maintenance and cleaning professionals.  With the advantage of combining crucial tasks, such as work management, time tracking, communications and invoicing, AVUX® offers an integrated, easily accessible solution in one comprehensive package.  Welcome ease and efficiency in managing your properties, as AVUX® empowers you to focus on what really matters.

AVUX Property Management Guide

How AVUX property maintenance software manages the property we own. AVUX Property Maintenance Software is a property management platform that can help you manage your property with various features. 

  1. Registration and Login: Register and create an account on AVUX. Log in to your account.
  2. Property Data Input: Add your property information, such as address, size, and other specific information.
  3. Rentals and Contracts: Enter the tenant details and create a rental contract. Set the start and end dates of the contract.
  4. Property Maintenance: Use the feature to monitor and schedule routine property maintenance. Record maintenance work that has been carried out.
  5. Payment and Finance: Use the payment feature to track rental payments. Monitor property finances, including maintenance costs and tax payments.
  6. Reports and Analysis: Use the reports provided to view property performance. Analyze data for better decision making.
  7. Communication with Tenants: Take advantage of communication features to interact with tenants, send notifications, or receive complaints.
  8. Security: Use security features to monitor and manage the security aspects of the property.

Be sure to read the AVUX user guide and utilize customer support if necessary.  All of this helps you run your property more efficiently using AVUX Property Maintenance Software.

Advantages of AVUX property maintenance software

The benefits you can get from AVUX Property Maintenance Software:

Drive Growth and Profitability through Maximum Efficiency

Uses: AVUX can improve operational efficiency, leading to business growth and increased profitability.

Details: By leveraging task monitoring, scheduled maintenance, and assignment management features, you can increase productivity, prevent unexpected breakdowns, and provide better service to tenants or property owners.

Data Digitization:

Use: Replaces manual data management with an integrated digital platform.

Details: This easy-to-use platform allows you to quickly update property information, store data securely, and gain real-time access to all the information needed for more efficient property management.

Track Tasks:

Use: Increase monitoring of employee activities and optimize working time.

Details: The time tracking feature enables monitoring of employee hours, helping you identify productivity and send reports directly to the payroll system, minimizing errors and ensuring accurate payments.

Building Position:

What it does: Provides assurance and transparency to clients regarding work performed on their properties.

Details: By utilizing GPS positioning and task tracking, you can provide complete information to clients regarding work progress, task performer identity, execution time, and job location, increasing customer trust and satisfaction.

Thus, AVUX Property Maintenance Software not only helps manage property more efficiently but also supports business growth and increased profitability through process optimization, data digitization, and increased transparency in task execution.

Additional AVUX Property Maintenance Software solutions.

The following are additional AVUX Property Maintenance Software solutions that you can get by using this software:

Property Management:

Facilitates the organization and management of property information in complete detail.

You can manage property data, storing information such as property type, owner details, important notes and rental history to facilitate holistic portfolio management.

Move Notification:

Provides flexibility to receive notifications via multiple channels.

This feature allows you to configure your notification preferences, such as email, text messages, or app notifications, to suit your needs and convenience.

Service Book:

Helps in planning and scheduling routine service or maintenance.

You can create a service book with specific details, including service type, maintenance frequency, and performance dates, ensuring regular property maintenance.

Consumption Monitoring:

Tracks resource usage such as electricity, water, or gas.

This feature enables monitoring of resource consumption for a specific property, assisting in the identification of potential energy savings and operational efficiencies.

Assignment Management:

Facilitates the assignment and monitoring of tasks or projects to teams or contractors.

You can create, manage, and track task assignments or maintenance projects, providing visibility into progress and responsibilities.

Working Time Monitoring:

Increase monitoring of employee activities and optimize working time.

This feature enables monitoring of employee working hours, helps identify productivity and ensures accuracy of payroll payments.


Makes it easier to publish property information or advertisements.

You can use this feature to disseminate property information, reach potential renters or buyers effectively.


Simplifies the billing and payment process.

You can generate invoices detailing rental, maintenance, or other additional service costs, and track payments more efficiently.


Offers an intuitive and easy to understand user experience.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and use the platform, increasing efficiency in property management.

Loop Management:

Manage periodic cleaning or maintenance schedules on the property.

This feature allows you to schedule and manage regular rounds of cleaning or maintenance, ensuring the property remains in optimal condition.

By utilizing these features, AVUX Property Maintenance Software can provide a comprehensive solution to improve property management efficiently and effectively.

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Overall, with the ability to organize and manage daily tasks efficiently, AVUX Property Maintenance Software makes it easy to plan regular maintenance for property, buildings and equipment.  The service book copy function to multiple properties with similar needs also adds a level of convenience, enabling effective and consistent management to improve operational continuity.