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Application Integration for Small Businesses . Small businesses can have a particularly hard time with CRM, largely because they aren’t as well-versed when it comes to application integration. Some small business owners might be vague on what that term actually means, and even those who are comfortable with it from a terminology standpoint might not worry about addressing it because they don’t feel it’s necessary. Sometimes it also gets overlooked by small business owners who feel as though they can’t afford to integrate the applications that they already use for CRM and other business functions.

Money is certainly a concern for small business owners, especially when the economy is tight, but how much is spent has to be weighed against how much could be lost if the applications aren’t integrated. There are several issues that have to be examined, too, because small business owners might not really be aware of how many different ways their lack of application integration for CRM can affect them.

They think of the extra hassle to integrate everything, but they don’t think of the hassles that will be created in the future if they don’t integrate – such as customers not being handled properly. For example, one department may not have the information it needs for a customer because that information was given to another department, and the departments aren’t integrated with one another. Some small businesses aren’t big enough to have departments, but for those that are there is a very real possibility that this is already a problem.

Even for smaller businesses, problems still exist. One application may have the customer information that is needed, but the application that is currently open will not. Integrating helpful apps with your CRM can help avoid that. Customers then feel better about how their information is handled because they won’t be kept waiting for the person they are talking with to find what he or she is looking for in order to solve their problem or answer their question.

Larger businesses generally have application integration because they can afford to have people handle that kind of thing for them. They don’t need to worry about how to do it themselves or even how it works, since their CRM is generally handled quite differently. Sometimes it’s even sent overseas or outsourced to other companies, so they never really see it.

Small businesses are much more likely to handle everything, including their CRM, in-house. Having all of your applications integrated means that they have a higher chance at great customer service. In turn, that means that they’ll have more customers who are pleased with the company and who will come back to purchase from that company again. They will also tell other people about their good experience.

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From a company standpoint, the owner of the business and the other employees will be happier with application integration as it applies to their CRM. Owners and managers will be able to handle their customers more effectively and efficiently. Customer service is important for the bottom line, and important for keeping good-quality employees, both of which are understandably very important to any business.

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