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Application Development. Standard applications that allow businesses to implement tools like e-mail and calendar management are utilized by most businesses. However, many businesses are now looking for additional ways to integrate applications into their business practices, so that they might benefit from all that applications have to offer. Below are a few of the benefits businesses can gain from application development.

Improved Business Operations

Many businesses are looking to application development as a means of improving their operational functions, streamlining processes, and adding efficiencies. In addition to the e-mail and contact management systems that are commonplace in many businesses, companies are also adding applications that enable them to track orders and production activities, track sales, run reports, maintain customer service, and drive marketing campaigns, as well as many other capabilities. Businesses are becoming creative with the applications they are developing; the key is that the applications they are developing and implementing are enabling them to simplify existing processes so that they might better concentrate on their core business functions to generate revenue.

Increased Productivity

The applications that businesses are developing and implementing, such as contact management systems, order tracking, customer service applications, and sales force automation tools, are enabling employees to increase their productivity. By helping to make standard business practices easier to use, as well as more time efficient, applications are helping businesses to increase their employees’ productivity rates. If a sales representative does not need to spend a great deal of time logging and reporting on sales activities, but can instead turn to a sales management application to aid the process, he can spend more time meeting with customers and generating sales. Likewise, by using a customer service application to streamline call and answer management, customer service representatives can make the customer service process faster, as well as more efficient. When companies adapt applications into their business practices, they may heighten the potential for their employees to increase productivity.

Competitive Differentiation and Advantage

By developing specific applications to meet business needs, many businesses are creating ways to differentiate themselves from their competition. Custom application developmentcan help companies to be more innovative. They are able to assess their offerings, as well as the needs of their customers, and determine ways to meet and address those needs. In addition, some companies are developing applications that are helping them to support their company culture and the way that customers view them. They are using applications to support their company identity. This can be a means of competitive differentiation, as often customers turn to companies with which they identify to establish relationships. Companies using applications are finding creative ways to set themselves apart from the competition and get further ahead in the marketplace.

Today’s world is one in which many people are technologically proficient. Many people have access to a variety of technologies that enable them access to all sorts of information and enable them to do just about anything they wish, from calculating a tip while out to dinner to getting instantaneous directions from a map application. These technologies are enabling people more mobility and accessibility than ever before – with application development, the same mobility and accessibility are available on an enterprise level.

Platform As A Service

Platform as a Service, or PaaS, is a development platform that is hosted with an online service in the cloud, with access gained via a Web browser. PaaS allows operating systems and solution stacks to be delivered over the Internet, without the need for extra installations or download.

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