Accpac  accounting software introduction

Accpac  accounting software introduction . In today’s fast-paced world of e-commerce, efficient integration between various systems is essential to ensure seamless operations. Mike Katelfemo, the Technical Sales Engineer at eBridge Connections, takes us on a journey to demonstrate the remarkable capabilities of their integration solution, particularly with Accpac Accounting Software.

eBridge Connections specializes in creating seamless connections between e-commerce platforms and back-office systems like accounting and ERP software. In this demonstration, Mike showcases their integration with BigCommerce, a prominent e-commerce marketplace.

Accpac  accounting software : the Integration Process:

Placing the Order: Mike begins by making a purchase on a BigCommerce store. Notably, he demonstrates the flexibility of the system by allowing checkout without using a credit card.

Administrator’s Role:

To simulate a real-world scenario, Mike logs in as the site administrator and marks the order as paid, generating an order ID “101” with a date of June 8, 2012.

E-Portal Processing:

The magic happens in eBridge’s E-Portal platform. It swiftly recognizes the completed order from BigCommerce and makes it available for further processing.

Data Visualization:

Within E-Portal, the order details are presented in a structured, user-friendly format. Every piece of information received from BigCommerce is neatly displayed, thanks to their use of the BigCommerce API.

Raw Data Access:

For those who prefer a more detailed view, the raw XML format of the data is also accessible. It provides the same information but in a less structured manner.

Integration with Accpac:

The final step involves the integration with Accpac Accounting Software. Mike demonstrates how the order seamlessly posts into Accpac, meticulously replicating the order details, including the PO number, item description, quantity, and pricing.

The Goal:

The ultimate goal of eBridge Connections is to reproduce the order in your accounting or ERP system precisely as if it were manually entered. This level of accuracy ensures a streamlined and error-free integration process.

Versatility in Integration:

eBridge Connections prides itself on supporting not just BigCommerce but a vast array of e-commerce and back-office systems. They have connectors for over 40 different accounting and ERP systems, ensuring compatibility with various business setups.

How to Get Started:

For those interested in learning more about how eBridge’s integration solution can enhance their e-commerce operations, they offer multiple channels for communication. You can call them at 1-905-631-8333, visit their website at eBridge Connections, send an email to, or follow them on Twitter @eBridgeConnects.

accpac accounting software conclucion

Additionally, you can explore and build your customized integration solution on their website at eBridge Connections Blueprint.

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, the integration solutions provided by eBridge Connections, demonstrated here with Accpac Accounting Software, offer a lifeline to businesses striving for efficiency and accuracy in their operations.