What is AccountEdge?

AccountEdge is like a helpful friend for small businesses that uses Mac computers. It helps you with money stuff, like making sales, buying things, and keeping track of what you have. It also helps you manage your contacts, which are the people you work with.


Banking in AccountEdge Pro

This part is like your money manager. You can spend your money or receive money. It helps you with tasks like making bank deposits, printing checks, and telling others when you pay them. You can also check that all your money is where it should be.

Spend Money Without Orders: You can pay bills or give money for things without having to make a special order for it.

Reconcile Accounts: This means you can match what you have in your bank with what AccountEdge says you should have.

Receive Money Without Orders: Just like spending, you can get money from people without needing an order.

Prepare Bank Deposits: It helps you put your money in the bank correctly.

Print Checks: If you need to write checks, AccountEdge makes it easy.

Send Payment Notifications: You can tell people you paid them through email or print.

Banking in AccountEdge Pro (Yes, it’s important!)

It’s like your money helper, but we’ll talk about it again to be sure you understand.

Sales in AccountEdge Pro

This is about selling things. You can make quotes, orders, and invoices for different types of sales. You can also accept payments for what people owe you. If you have an online shop with Shopify,

AccountEdge can work with that too

Create Sales:

You can make sales for items, services, and time worked.

Manage Accounts Receivable:

This means you can keep track of who owes you money.

Sell Online:

If you have an online store with Shopify, AccountEdge can help you manage your items.

Create Estimates, Orders, and Invoices:

You don’t have to type everything in again. You can start with an estimate and change it into an order or an invoice.

AccountEdge Connect:

This lets you add information to AccountEdge from different places, even if you’re not in your office.

Track Retainer, Escrow, and Trust Accounts:

AccountEdge keeps an eye on these special accounts where you put money aside for later.

Process Credit Cards:

You can take credit card payments with AccountEdge.

Send Invoices and Statements:

You can send invoices or a list of them to your customers.

Returns and Credit Memos:

It’s easy to make a credit memo if someone needs to return something, and you can also connect it with Shopify.

Connect and Web Orders:

If you sell things online, you don’t have to put the same information in twice.

Attach Documents:

You can keep your papers in order by attaching them to your invoices or purchases.

Time Billing

This is for businesses that charge for their time. You can keep track of how much time you spend on jobs and use that to make invoices.

Create Activity Slips and Timesheets: You can keep a record of your work hours and what you did.

Track Work in Progress: You can see how much money you’re spending on a job and how much you’re making.

Build an Invoice from Tracked Time: You can put the time you worked on an invoice easily.

Create Rate Levels: You can set how much you charge for your time based on different things like how long you’ve been working or how much your customer likes you.

Track Time Remotely: Even if you’re not in your office, you can still keep track of your work time.


This helps you with buying things for your business. You can keep track of your orders, receive items, and pay your suppliers.

Create Purchase Orders: You can make a list of what you want to buy and keep an eye on it.

Convert Bills to Orders: If you get a bill and want to turn it into an order or an invoice, you don’t have to type it all again.

Manage Payables and Pay Bills: When it’s time to pay your suppliers, you can see what you owe and pay them in different ways.

Prepare Electronic Payments: You can pay your suppliers electronically.

Send Payment Notifications: You can tell your suppliers you paid them by email or mail.


This helps you keep track of what you have in your business. You can see what you’re selling and what you have in stock.

Full Inventory Management: It helps you control your stock, even for things you don’t sell.

Build Items and Kits: You can put different things together and make them into one item.

Detailed Item Setup: You can add pictures and descriptions for your items.

Receive Inventory: When you get new things to sell, it’s easy to add them to your stock.

Product Variations: If you sell things in different sizes or colors, you can keep track of them.

Inventory Count and Adjustments: You can check how much you have and make changes if needed.

Combine Items: You can put two similar items together to keep things organized.

Manage Inventory Locations: You can see where your stock is stored, like in different places or shelves.

AccountEdge is a helpful tool for small businesses to handle their money, sales, time, purchases, and inventory easily. It works well with Mac computers and can make managing your business smoother.