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About business basic

I was born in 1982. comes from a small village in the corner of East Java Province, Indonesia.After graduating from college I tried my luck in the big city like friends my age. This my journey of about business basic before starting more .

My carier

that’s where my career journey began. There are too many stories that could possibly be a book for all career journeys while in that big city.I have worked with other people as a maid, car wash, welder, painter and many more.

My process

But of all that, the world of sales has the most experience and provides many life lessons. especially when you can start a small business that covers marketing throughout Indonesia.In the business journey there are many lessons that can be taken. how to start a business from scratch, manage employees and also survive. how to recognize friends and enemies.

My travel carrier part about business

Even though sometimes the figure is so good, it is not necessarily as good as the my career in business, maybe around 15 years. There are many fields that I have worked in as additional experience. and I wrote most of that experience in this blog. As a complement, there are many sources that I have collected into a written article.


I hope that the efforts I have made can provide many benefits to all of you who have taken the time to visit my website. and want to share experiences for the better of everyone.For criticism and suggestions please via email, I will try to reply as soon as possible. hope you feel at home. thank you for everything .