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Key feature zoho e-commerce. Zoho Commerce is like a superhero for businesses. It’s like having a powerful, easy-to-use online store that can do almost anything you need. Whether you’re a small shop or a big company, Zoho Commerce is there to help. It can handle all your online selling stuff and even grow with you as your business gets bigger. Imagine it as your trusty sidekick, making sure your products look fantastic and customers can buy them easily. So, if you want to sell things on the internet and have a smooth, stress-free experience, Zoho Commerce is the superhero you need!

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Zoho Commerce’s features are like building blocks for your online store. Imagine you want to open a store on the internet. Zoho Commerce gives you a head start with the important stuff, like a strong foundation for your website. It’s like having a cool plot of land already set up with a strong fence, a cool sign with your store’s name, and a safe lock on the door. This way, your customers know they’re in a safe and trusted place when they visit your online shop. Zoho Commerce makes it easy to get started and helps you build your online store on solid ground.

Pre-built Templates

Zoho Commerce has a neat trick up its sleeve: pre-built templates. Think of these templates as the magical blueprints for your online store. They’re like ready-made designs that make your website look awesome without spending hours tinkering with it. Just pick a template, and it’s like adding a beautiful skin to your online shop. It’s like getting a stylish outfit for your website in no time! Plus, these templates are like chameleons – they adapt to different screen sizes, making your site look fantastic on big computer screens and tiny phone screens. With Zoho Commerce, you can dress up your online store in a snap!

Site Builder

Zoho Commerce has a cool tool called the “Site Builder.” It’s like a digital playground for making your online store look exactly how you want it. Imagine it as a super-easy way to design your dream store without needing a degree in computer stuff. You can just drag things around, like building blocks, to create your perfect store. It’s like being the boss of your store’s style – you can change colors, add pictures, and make it uniquely yours. With the Site Builder, you’re in charge, making it a breeze to create a store that matches your vision, all with a simple drag and drop!

Visual Editor

Zoho Commerce offers a fantastic feature called the “Visual Editor,” which is like having a magical paintbrush for your website. It allows you to add your personal touch and make your online store look just the way you want it, all from one handy spot. Imagine you’re an artist with a palette of colors and brushes to decorate your site. With the Visual Editor, you can change the look and feel of your entire store without any tech headaches. It’s like giving your online shop a fresh coat of paint or a new set of clothes, making it stand out and represent your brand beautifully.


Zoho Commerce is like a world traveler’s dream for your online store. It knows that customers from different parts of the globe might want to shop in their own currency, so it has a handy feature called “Currencies.” This is like having a magical money translator for your store. It lets customers from far-off places see prices in their own currency, making them feel right at home while shopping on your website. It’s like giving them a warm welcome and saying, “Shop here, and we speak your money language!” Zoho Commerce makes it easy for your overseas visitors to browse, shop, and feel comfortable in their preferred currency.

Pages and Files

Zoho Commerce is like your trusted storytelling partner for your online store. It knows that words alone aren’t enough to tell your story, so it has this fantastic feature called “Pages and Files.” It’s like an artist’s canvas where you can create captivating landing pages filled with stunning images, important documents, and all sorts of useful files. Think of it as your secret weapon for showing off your products or sharing exciting information with your customers. With Pages and Files, you can craft a visual tale that keeps your visitors engaged and eager to explore, making your online store a true storytelling masterpiece.


Zoho Commerce brings you an awesome feature – a Blog! Imagine it as your online storytelling space. Here, you can write exciting stories, share helpful tips, or even showcase your latest products. It’s like chatting with your customers through words and pictures. They’ll love reading what you have to say, and you’ll build a strong connection with them. So, don’t just sell stuff, tell your story. With Zoho Commerce’s Blog feature, you can make your online store more engaging and fun for everyone. It’s like having a chat with your friends, but you’re telling them all about your fantastic products and ideas!

Product Filters

Zoho Commerce brings you an amazing tool – Product Filters! Think of it as your store’s personal shopping assistant. These filters work like magic to help customers find exactly what they’re looking for. Imagine you want to buy shoes, but there are hundreds to choose from. With Zoho Commerce’s Product Filters, you can pick the size, color, or style you want. It’s like having a menu in a restaurant where you choose your favorite dish. These filters make shopping a breeze, saving time and making your customers happy. So, make your store super shopper-friendly with Zoho Commerce’s Product Filters, like a GPS for your products!

Message and Cookie Bar

Zoho Commerce introduces a fantastic feature – the Message and Cookie Bar! Think of it as your friendly greeter at the entrance of your store. This bar helps you share important messages, like exciting discounts, shipping info, or store policies. It’s like putting up a sign that says, “Welcome! We have great deals today!” Plus, it helps with cookies – not the tasty ones, but the digital kind. It lets your customers know when your website uses cookies, keeping things transparent and secure. With Zoho Commerce’s Message and Cookie Bar, you can keep your customers in the loop and make their shopping experience even better. It’s like having a helpful host at your online store’s door!

Manage Products

Zoho Commerce is here to make your life easier with its “Manage Products” feature. Imagine you’re in a kitchen, and you have all the ingredients to make a delicious meal. With this feature, it’s like having a recipe book that guides you step by step. You can effortlessly create, organize, and take care of all your products and their different styles, sizes, and colors. Whether you’re selling t-shirts in different colors or gadgets with various models, Zoho Commerce’s Manage Products makes it a breeze. So, just like a chef in the kitchen, you can whip up your online store and make it a delightful experience for your customers!

Categories and Collections

Zoho Commerce offers you a nifty tool – Categories and Collections. Think of it as arranging your closet or bookshelf. Categories help you sort your stuff, like putting your shoes in one section and your shirts in another.  You can gather products with similar vibes or themes together. It’s like making a “Cozy Winter Collection” or a “Tech Gadget Category.” This feature is like a treasure map for your customers, making it easy for them to discover the perfect products. With Zoho Commerce’s Categories and Collections, you become the curator of your online store’s shopping adventure!

Manage Orders

Zoho Commerce brings you the power to “Manage Orders” with ease. Think of it as being the captain of a ship, steering it smoothly through the entire journey. You can control the entire life of an order, from the moment a customer clicks “Buy” to its safe delivery at their door. It’s like having a trusty navigation system to ensure you reach your destination on time. You can track, update, and ensure that each order sets sail smoothly, making customers happy and boosting your store’s reputation. With Zoho Commerce’s order management, you become the master of a ship that sails through a sea of satisfied customers!

Manage Customers

Imagine you have a special store called Zoho Commerce. In this store, there’s a cool feature called “Manage Customers.” The Buy Button is like an exclusive VIP club for your products, granting them access to customers everywhere.. You see, your customers can take control of their accounts through a special place just for them, like a secret clubhouse. They can do things like update their information or see their order history. Zoho Commerce is all about turning shopping into a breeze and a joy for people of all ages. So, think of it as giving your customers a key to their very own clubhouse at Zoho Commerce! 🛍️🔑

Manage Users

Think of Zoho Commerce as your online shop’s control center. With the “Manage Users” feature, it’s like having different keys to different rooms in your store. You can give your employees and helpers access to only the parts they need. For instance, the stockroom manager can get into the stockroom, but they can’t get into the cash register. It’s like giving everyone their own special key that fits the job they do. This feature acts like a trusty guardian, ensuring everything is neat and safe. So, in your shop, each person has their own special key to the parts of the store they need to use. 🛒🗝️

Manage Inventory

Imagine Zoho Commerce as your magical inventory keeper. The “Manage Inventory” feature is like having a trusty assistant who watches over all the stuff in your shop. It counts everything and makes sure you never run out of your most popular goodies. This way, when a customer orders something, you can be sure to have it in stock and ready to send to them. It’s like having a superhero sidekick who ensures your store is always prepared to make your customers happy. So, with Zoho Commerce, you’ve got your very own inventory guardian to make sure your shop is always well-stocked and ready to roll! 🧙‍♂️📦

SEO including at key feature zoho e-commerce

Picture Zoho Commerce as your online store’s treasure map, and the “SEO” feature is your secret to being found by search engines and customers. It’s like putting bright signs along the path to your shop, making it easier for folks to discover your fantastic products. Think of it as your store’s spotlight, shining a light on what you offer, so people can find you in the vast world of the internet. With SEO, you’re like a friendly beacon, guiding search engines and customers right to your virtual door, ensuring your store gets the attention it truly deserves. 🌟🌐🔍

Sell on Social Media

With Zoho Commerce, you can easily sell your products on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Shopping. It’s like opening a shop where your friends and followers hang out online. Imagine posting your cool products on your Facebook page, showing off stylish clothes on Instagram, and making your goodies visible on Google Shopping. It’s like having a digital store that reaches everyone with a few clicks. So, whether you’re sharing your favorite products or starting a small business, Zoho Commerce helps you connect and sell to people on their favorite social spots. It’s your online shop made simple!

Product Recommendations

With Zoho Commerce, it’s like having a helpful shopping buddy right in your online store. It’s like when your friend suggests that perfect book or movie for you. Zoho Commerce does the same but with products! It cleverly recommends items to your customers, making their shopping experience better. So, if someone is looking for a new phone, Zoho Commerce might suggest cool phone cases or headphones to go with it. It’s like your store’s personal shopping assistant, helping customers find what they didn’t even know they wanted. This way, you boost your sales and make shopping fun and easy for everyone.

Automated Emails is one of best key feature zoho e-commerce

Zoho Commerce brings the magic of automated emails to your online store. It’s like having a super-smart robot that sends emails for you. When someone adds items to their cart but doesn’t check out, Zoho Commerce steps in with a friendly reminder email. And when new customers sign up, it welcomes them with open arms. It’s like having a virtual doorman. This automation makes sure you never miss a beat, staying in touch with your customers effortlessly. So, whether it’s rescuing abandoned carts or greeting new faces, Zoho Commerce’s automated emails work like your trusty sidekick, keeping your online shop running smoothly.


Zoho Commerce lets you become a master of discounts with its awesome coupon features. It’s like having a secret treasure chest of savings for your customers. You can create all kinds of special deals, from “Buy One, Get One Free” to percentage discounts. Think of it as a fun game where you make the rules. With Zoho Commerce, you’re in control of your store’s discounts, making shopping more exciting for your customers. So, whether you want to celebrate a holiday or reward loyal shoppers, Zoho Commerce’s coupon magic helps you add that extra spark to your online store.

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Zoho Commerce gives you a secret weapon: the Buy Button. It’s like having a superpower to make your products appear anywhere you like. Imagine you have a delicious cake, and you want to share it with the world. With the Buy Button, you can sprinkle that cake all over the internet, like on your blog, social media, or partner websites. Anyone who sees it can click and buy! It’s like having a mini-store that pops up wherever you want, like magic. So, if you’re looking to boost your sales and expand your reach, Zoho Commerce’s Buy Button is your ticket to taking your products to the world.