12 Ways to Increase Your Sales and Marketing Productivity

12 Ways to Increase Your Sales and Marketing Productivity

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12 Ways to Increase Your Sales and Marketing Productivity . As an entrepreneur, of course you must understand the duties and roles of sales and marketing.  In general, sales is responsible for making  product sales.  Meanwhile, marketing is responsible for designing appropriate marketing strategies.  These two parts are the spearhead of the company.  Because whether a business progresses or not is in their hands.

In some companies, sales and marketing are two separate divisions.  Sales focuses more on product sales.  He doesn’t think about whether the customer is satisfied or not.  Meanwhile, marketing focuses on ways to maintain the image and brand awareness of a product so that customers can quickly decide whether to buy or not.

However, quite a few companies have made these two divisions into one due to the minimal number of employees or because of the company’s cost efficiency.  And there is nothing wrong when the sales and marketing departments are put together or separated.

Depends on the needs and capabilities of each company.  The point is that the duties and responsibilities of sales or marketing are carried out well and can achieve the targets set.  Then what is also important is keeping the two divisions productive.

Next, how to increase sales and marketing productivity?

The method is:

Maintain team cohesion.  Pay attention again to whether the team is still working individually or can work together well.  Realign if there are still teams competing within the company.

Rearrange internal meeting schedules to make them more effective.  If previously an internal meeting could take up to an hour, then you can set it back to half an hour.  Meanwhile, the rest can be used for other activities.

Create a system to replace data entry which is still done manually.

Prepare targets and goals that the team wants to achieve, either monthly, quarterly, semester or annually.

Make a plan carefully as a support to achieve the targets that have been set.

Focus on the plans that have been made.  Also focus on existing buyers as well as potential buyers.

Keep learning in any situation.  Learn to correct mistakes that have been made.  It can be from personal experience or other people’s.  By learning, productivity will increase.

Take a short break when you feel very tired.  Don’t overexert your body which can result in unproductive work.  Take a short break to restore your energy.

Evaluate team performance regularly.  Either daily, weekly or monthly.  By carrying out evaluations, less effective performance can be immediately corrected.

Improve social attitude towards customers.  Maintain good relations and socialize with customers.  Get to know your customers well and don’t cut off communication.  Congratulate them on their big day or when they achieve an achievement.

Allocate time to do a sharing session together.  Because the team needs to tell about the difficulties faced in the field and how to overcome them.  This can be a new insight for other teams who may not have experienced it.

Give attention and appreciation for the achievements the team has achieved.  With the hope that it can be used as a role model for other teams that have not achieved their targets and to be more productive at work.

Those are 12 ways to increase your sales and marketing productivity.  If you find this article useful, then don’t forget to share it with other readers.

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